Livestream Event: John Oates, Sam Bush Live From The Loveless Cafe

Continuing our series on virtual concert experiences, we’re pleased to bring you another Livestream event today featuring John Oates and Sam Bush live from the Loveless Cafe in Tennessee.

Changing The Way Concert Fans Connect: Interview with Big Live

Are online concert experiences changing the way we connect with each other during regular concerts? And what happens when you add social networking elements into the mix? Will the opportunity to share, chat about and discover live music together online with friends re-define both the online and real concert experience?

How Do Virtual Concert Experiences Connect Bands and Fans?

Does the new “strategic alliance” between Web ‘n Retail (a division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC) and independent artist website change the game for concert fans and artists? Does their “Jam Cam” give both live music lovers and live music makers a new way to create and experience a live show?

What’s On Your Concert Road Trip Playlist?

What is it that makes the journey of going to a concert almost as fun as the concert itself? Is it the soundtrack or playlist of your road trip? Is it the people you’re with? Is it the buzz of excitement and sense of freedom you feel as you all cruise down the road toward […]