The Secrets To Feeding Your Live Music Addiction With MOG

Today our sponsors and partners over at the MOG Music Network have a bunch of new releases for you to enjoy. What’s MOG? Looking for some new full album downloads from Neil Diamond, Elvis Costello and N.E.R.D.? What does Live Fix think of MOG? Here’s the complete lowdown that’ll answer all those questions.

Roll On: A Tribute To A Live Music Fan

I have some sad news to share with you. This morning my wife’s uncle,  John O’Donnell, passed away due to his struggle with brain cancer. It’s hard to write this post for many reasons. But I write regardless because it helps to cope.  But most of all, I write this post as a tribute to […]

Experiencing Grief, Joy and Community in Live Music

Two things have been brewing in my mind lately. 1) The Community of Cathartic Mourning and 2) Building Relationships in Live Music The Community of Cathartic Mourning A good friend of my wife and I shared this Bonnie Raitt Star Tribune review with me a few weeks ago (the video above is one she excitedly posted on Facebook before […]