Jane's Addiction Theater of the Escapists

Jane’s Addiction Wants To Be More Intimate During “Theater of the Escapists” Tour

  Yes, it’s true. In a recent Pollstar article Perry Farrell expressed a genuine desire to perform on a more intimate level with fans as the band travels the world on their upcoming 2012 tour that begins in February. “We chose to play as many of the great theatres that we could find because we […]

Concert Preview: The Fiery Furnaces Return For Two In Chicago

Ever wonder what goes through a band’s mind while they’re playing on stage? Do they think about the crowd in front of them? Do past shows musically or psychologically impact future shows? Or is each show it’s own unique journey of new sounds, senses and experiences? For Brooklyn-based indie rock band The Fiery Furnaces it’s […]

Monthly Wrap-up: How We Got Our Concert Fix In April

If you missed some of the top Live Fix posts in April, don’t worry.  I understand because April was a busy month here at Live Fix, too.  If you can believe it, I even forgot to read some of my own best posts. So here’s a quick wrap-up revisiting all the hot April action: enhanced concert […]

How Will Live Nation-Ticketmaster Innovate Concerts?

You’d think at the SXSW Music Festival we’d get some new discussions going about the impact of the Live Nation Ticketmaster merger. But that didn’t happen. So what exactly did the DOJ tell us about their decision to approve the merger? And who wasn’t there to explain themselves?

Do Today’s Touring Bands Measure Up To Mannish Boy?

It’s a challenge for all bands.  Some can do it and some can’t. But what can two blues legends teach us about transferring the palpable emotion and energy a band creates in the studio to the live show? Can you teach the “STLS” or is it just something a band either has or doesn’t?