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3 Things I Learned About Kenny Chesney’s Live Show at 30,000 Feet

      I love it when I read something about an artist that gives me a new perspective on their music. And it’s even better when what I read also makes me want to go see them live. I had one of these moments on a recent plane trip to Austin when I was […]

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Looks Like U2 Fans Saved the Concert Industry in 2011

After exploring the stories of these U2 fans, it obvious that their desire to experience the awe and granduer of U2 live is what saved the concert industry from another down year in 2011. At least that’s what the numbers say. According to Billboard, here’s a breakdown of the numbers in their Year in Touring […]

What Did Climbing 80 Floors Teach Me About Touring Endurance?

Here’s another hybrid live music and running exploration for ya. This past Sunday I participated in Kohl’s “Step Up for the Kids,” which involved me and five other family members trekking up 80 floors (1643 steps) at the Aon Center building in Chicago.  (photo above: they gave us cute Dr. Seuss dolls after finishing.) So […]

4 Ways The Pixies Are Rockin’ Their Reunion

I’ve been following the adventures of the Pixies these last few weeks and I have to say they have thoroughly impressed me in many ways. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t in to them during their “heyday” in the early nineties. But that hasn’t stopped me from having mad respect for how […]

The Rhythm Of Playing Live At SXSW Music Festival 2010

Ask anyone who’s been there before and they’ll tell you that playing and going to SXSW Music Festival is lots of fun. But there’s a little more to it than that. So let’s see how things are going so far at this year’s festival, and see what bands and fans can do to prep for […]

Are You In Tune With The Touring Mind of Solo Artists?

  What goes on inside the mind of a solo artist when they’re on stage? Do they struggle to connect with the crowd? Or is their show more personal and palpable? Is there something about the live music experience that convinces solo artists to tour when their heart and mind are divided?     

Stew Art Series (S2): Fans Conduct Umphrey's McGee

What would you do if you could control a band’s live show? Would you tell them to play your favorite songs note for note, or would you request a fresh improvisation on the spot? Well, if you’re an Umphrey’s McGee fan, you’ll have the chance to be a part of a very interesting concert experience that gives you “control” over […]

Is Michael Jackson Confused About His London Shows?

The music of Michael Jackson has always held a special spot in my heart, especially after Thriller became one of my favorite albums as a kid growing up in the eighties.  (Update: This post was written two days before Michael Jackson’s death. Please read my response to this unexpectedly timely post here.)  But I have to admit I’ve had […]

How Twitter Can Build Tour Buzz, Fans

I came across this cool list of 10 tips from Sound Citizen that explains how musicians and bands can use Twitter to connect with fans. Here’s 5-7, since they specifically call out the live concert experience. Update About Recent Performances. Your fans want to know about a show you just did. It’s not only a […]

How India Licked the Black Lips

Though their not the first American rock band to cause a raucous in foreign countries, this January story about Atlanta garage-rockers Black Lips cancelled tour got me thinking about how foreign countries respond to and govern the live music experience. I first got to know the Black Lips when I reviewed their 2007 live album […]