You Should Never Try To Unplug The Boss Or Sir Paul

bruce springsteen dublin power switch


That’s right. You don’t turn the power off on the Boss until he’s done.

And apparently not even Sir Paul could sway authorities to keep the show going after concert organizers turned the switch off last week in England.

As the Huffington Post reports:

Concert organizers pulled the plug on rock stars Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney after the pair defied the sound curfew at London’s Hyde Park, silencing their microphones at the tail end of the show.

Springsteen had already exceeded the 10:30 p.m. curfew by half an hour Saturday night when he welcomed McCartney on stage and the pair sang the Beatles hits “I Saw Her Standing There” and “Twist and Shout.” But the microphones were turned off before they could thank the crowd, forcing them to leave the stage in silence.

But the Boss did have the last word when he poked fun at the concert promoters to start, and several times during, the show in Dublin as the BBC reports:

Taking to the stage in Dublin, the star flipped a switch on a huge prop power generator and said: “Before we were so rudely interrupted…”

He then launched into the last minute of Twist And Shout, the Beatles’ song cut short at his Hyde Park concert.

Springsteen also held up a sign which read “Only the Boss says when to pull the plug” while wheeling on a huge on/off switch before playing Dancing in the Dark.

Towards the end of the show, a man dressed as a London police officer came on stage and tried to arrest the musician.

You gotta love Springsteen’s sense of humor in all of this.

That said, writing this post and thinking of what other fans have experienced spiritually and emotionally during his shows reminds me that I still have to make it to a Springsteen show.

Hopefully the stars do align and I’ll get to see the Boss live and it’ll be as good as this hilarious Dublin show.


Have You Danced in The Dark?

Were you at the London or Dublin gig? Have you seen Springsteen live?

Share your concert experiences and thoughts in the comments below, or call the concert fan hotline at 773-609-4341, and we’ll include them in a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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The Bieber Tops Beatle With Free Mexico City Concert

justin bieber mexico free concert


Our Bieber fever and Beatles explorations continue with this news about Justin Bieber’s recent free concert in Mexico City that drew 300,000 bielebers topping Paul McCarntecy’s show that drew 250,000 fans just a few weeks earlier.

Here’s how Bieber responded to and reflected on the experience according to

While his fans displayed their devotion for the singer by braving the crowd to see him perform, in a press conference earlier that day, Bieber admitted there’s only one guy he would camp out to see perform. “There is no one I admire so much to do something crazy, but if Michael Jackson were here,” he said, “I would do it for him. So, I do understand the emotion that the girls feel, and that makes me feel very honored.”

Before taking the stage, Bieber opened up about the performance in a video he shot backstage. “I can’t say how thankful I am … This show here in Mexico City, it’s going to be incredible. I just wanted to make this video and tell you guys you inspire me just as much as I inspire you. God has really blessed me,” he says amid the shouts of his fans in the background. He added, “I hope to have this journey for a long time.”

Interesting that Bieber would mention Jackson in that way during the interview. The MJ shoutout and the craziness of the Mexico City show reminds me these previous Live Fix experiments.

Check ’em out, post your thoughts below and we’ll share your experiences on a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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Remembering The Beatles, Ballparks and Rosenblatt The Concert Venue

beatles ballpark tour infographic



The baseball season is almost underway and we’d like to celebrate by sharing this slick infographic that shows how closely related baseball is to live music and how The Beatles used ballparks to make their rounds in the U.S. in the 60’s.

As a Cubs fan, I will point out a couple things that struck me. It’s quite insightful to note how the impact of the Beatles on the teams in whose ballpark they played.

For example, it was interesting to see that when the Sox were one of only three team that lost their next home game after the Beatles played at Comiskey.  And the Cubs won their game against the hometown Giants in 1966. Hmmmm…?

Remembering Rosenblatt: Concert Venue

The other thing I’d like to add to this baseball park exploration is a cool story I discovered while chatting with a fellow concert fan Paul in Dallas.

During our chat Paul told me about his excellent website Remembering Roseblatt and how the venue was a popular spot for touring bands back in the 70’s and 80’s.  I loved reading Paul’s account of his first memories of seeing the Beach Boys and The Police, and here’s a snippet from his Remembering Rosenblattpost about beach balls and port-a-poties:

The Beach Boys
Finally, my shot came one summer in the early 80s. The Beach Boys were coming to Rosenblatt and my brother, nine years my senior, offered to take me along with his friends. I would have been twelve or thirteen at the time. I remember many things about that first concert experience and few of them had to do with the music. In particular, this was my first exposure to people openly consuming large amounts of alcohol and it was my first time ever smelling marijuana. I remember thinking how all of it made people just a little bit crazy.

For big concerts like this that weren’t affiliated with a baseball game, they would set the stage up on the warning track along the wall in right-centerfield. Concert goers would spread blankets out all over the outfield turf and party it up for an hour or two in anticipation of the show starting.

I’m not sure who thinks to bring beach balls to Rosenblatt events, but it seems there were always plenty on hand even back in the 80s. Waiting for your turn to volley the rainbow colored sphere is a great way to keep your mind off the anticipation of the opening number…

So thinking of Paul’s story, the impact of the Beatles on ballparks and the history of another shuttered sports stadium/concert venue, I’d like to know what the impact has been or will be of Dave Matthews, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney and the other bands that have played Wrigley in the past couple of years.

How are other concert fans experiencing live music at other historic ballparks? Have the Cubs (or other teams) won or lost more after these artists have played there?

While you’re thinking about the answer to those questions, check out our Live Fix Radio episode that highlights the Beatles Chicago tour stop in 1965.

Special thanks to Paul for sharing his story and to for the rad infographic.


beatles ballpark tour infographic

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