Beyonce’s Big Game Gig Originality Issues and Real Concert Crowdsourcing

  Okay, after yesterday’s press conference we now know that Beyonce can belt out the National Anthem acapella, which if you’re wondering, is one of the hardest songs to sing. Hey, at least Beyonce didn’t try to lipsync over Whitney Houston‘s legendary verson of the National Anthem during the inauguration, or do something like Christina Aguilera […]

What Is The Future Of The Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Okay, I’ve had just about enough of this post-Super Bowl Halftime show letdown. And it seems like the halftime show gets safer and more predictable each year. It’s almost like the NFL and CBS suffer from some kind of leftover PTSD from Nipplegate. So what was missing and who should play next year? Will 3D […]

Super Bowling: Guacamole Dip and Backing Tracks

It’s taken me a few days to completely digest the Super Bowl Half Time Show…for a few reasons. First, I didn’t expect The Boss to tell me to put down the guacamole dip and for him to lay on the cheese so heavy during his extended 12 minute set. I also didn’t expect to see […]

No Bears. No Prince. No Problems?

A few things I’ll remember from this year’s Super Bowl and the Tom Petty Halftime show: 1. No Bears to watch crumble or Rex Grossman myriad fumbles. 2. Wishing Eli Manning was the Bears QB last year. 3. Wondering who was the set designer for the Half Time show the last two years, a descendant […]