Live Fix Radio Episode 39: Bon Iver Tattoos, Crowd Surfing Coachella and A Sublime Shakedown At Lolla

  On this episode of Live Fix Radio we’re continuing our exploration of Bon Iver and the power of the little things and chatting with fellow concert fan Isabel about how this picture of Justin Vernon’s “that was then” tattoo inspired Isabel to get her own tattoo. Isabel’s also tells us why she’ll never forget […]

Total Rothbury Recall

  Last year at this time Rothbury 2009 was in question.  So let’s cross our fingers and hope for Rothbury 2010.   In the meantime take a trip back to re-live Rothbury 2009’s best moments with The Dead, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Matisyahu, Ani DiFranco and more. And make sure to check out all the extra Live Fix coverage of […]

What Was Lollapalooza's Biggest Health Issue?

Do you know what the “single biggest health issue” was on Day 2 of Lollapalooza?   Bursting bloody eardrums?  Crushing bones in the mosh pit? Dehydration? Drug use, perhaps? Nope.   It was none of these. I have to admit I was surprised. But according to Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot video review,  it was…foot blisters.   Yes, my friends.  Nasty, uncomfortable and […]