Live Fix Radio Episode 41: Live Music Fashion On Stage and Beyond

  On this episode of Live Fix Radio we’re continuing our exploration of live music fashion and chatting with special guests Brittany Abeijon, editor in chief of The Facets Magazine, and JP Chookaszian, Urban Offering as we traverse through the exciting and controversial topic of what fans wear (and shouldn’t wear) when we go to concerts. Not only […]

Top Live Concert Tracks and Albums of 2011 Part Two

Is live music better experienced live or on record? Is the live album dead? Those are just two of the big philosophical questions that we’ve been wondering about more and more lately. So, hey, what better than to explore those questions by sharing some of our favorite (and not so favorite) live album releases of […]

Styx to Sigur Ros: Two Amazing Concert Stories

  What if your first concert was too amazing, memorable and unforgettable? Are you then set up for a chronic case of concertgoing disappointment for the rest of your life? Possibly. And what about experiencing concerts in unconventional venues? What makes seeing a concert in an unconventional venue–like an art museum–so unique, special and transcendent?   Styx to Sigur […]