A Night of Sight & Sound with Saul Williams

Looking for an event to engage all your senses on a Saturday night? This evening at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago Lethal Poetry will host a Night of Sight and Sound, with special guest Saul Williams, and serve up a stimulating blend of live music, b-boy battles, poetry and art exhibition.

Saul Williams Experiment: The Dual Review

  I’ve always wanted to do this.  So I did it. But before I share with you Part One of a recent Live Fix Experiment, I want to thank my friend and fellow music writer Moira McCormick for giving me the chance to test out some ideas and explore another aspect of live music. The Dual Concert […]

Saul Williams Spares A Penny: My Eternal Afterthought

That video above is evidence that something eternal happened last night at the Saul Williams show. It was a case of my brain processing one thing while my heart processed another. During what I believe was the song “A Penny for a Thought”  I misunderstood the lyrics in a way that surprisingly served my soul and comforted […]

Concert Review: Saul Williams at Double Door in Chicago

The Afro-Punk tour arrived in Chicago with poet/actor/emcee Saul Williams leading the hip hop, punk and funk tribe to the Double Door. Openers American Fangs showed tons of passion and promise, but sadly the surly upstarts failed to strike any chords of freshness or uniqueness. But I feel for them, because having Saul Williams—-the personification […]

Live Preview: Saul Williams at Double Door

The Afro-Punk tour has arrived in Chicago. And poet/actor/emcee Saul Williams is leading the funky freak charge to the Double Door tonight. If all things go as planned, I should have a special treat for you once the show is over. But you’ll have to be patient to see what that treat is. The concert […]

Open Books Blogathon 2009: Reads To Feed Your Fix

Books play a huge role in Live Fix. And I’m always curious to see which books are on the shelves of my favorite music writers. So during the final moments of the Open Books Blogathon 2009 I’d like to give you a peek of my bookshelf and share with you a list of books that inspire my […]

Crowd Surfing Through the Mind of Dave Grohl

     Welcome to Part Two as we continue to revisit my original conversation with No Air Guitar Allowed  author Steve Weinberger. In Part One, we began to explore the sweaty crunch and release of mosh pits.  And in Part Two we’re going to explore the mind of artists during performance by quickly crowd surfing through the mind of Foo Fighters […]

On the Same Plane of Thought: Saul Williams Post-Lolla

In keeping with the post I wrote earlier about speaking with actor/musician Saul Williams before his show and then my heightened experience afterwards, on Monday I had the pleasure of receiving an emailed fan letter containing developing thoughts as he considers his role as an artist, human being and American during an election year. Those […]

What is A BAAD Show?

A few weeks back I spoke with actor, musician and poet Saul Williams before his show in Chicago at Marytrs for a future story for Popmatters. If you’re new to Saul Williams you might have heard his music in a gym shoe ad but he’s being making music, writing books of poetry and making movies […]

How to Run for President and Rock the Stage

Senator Barack Obama has all but wrapped up the democratic nomination but how much of an impact did his presence on the live concert stage help in spreading the word? Back in February, I mentioned how I saw flyers of Senator Obama on the face of the double drum kits of the opening band Office. […]