hash at electric Forest festival

Fans Caught, Hash Candy Intercepted Before Electric Forest Festival 2011

    We always wondered how Rothbury Festival would re-emerge and evolve.  And earlier this year the Electric Forest Festival was announced with Tiesto, REO Speedwagon, String Cheese Incident and others set to headline. EFF is produced by the same folks who put on Rothbury in 2008 and 2009. And this year, the original grounds […]

Experiencing Grief, Joy and Community in Live Music

Two things have been brewing in my mind lately. 1) The Community of Cathartic Mourning and 2) Building Relationships in Live Music The Community of Cathartic Mourning A good friend of my wife and I shared this Bonnie Raitt Star Tribune review with me a few weeks ago (the video above is one she excitedly posted on Facebook before […]

Total Rothbury Recall

  Last year at this time Rothbury 2009 was in question.  So let’s cross our fingers and hope for Rothbury 2010.   In the meantime take a trip back to re-live Rothbury 2009’s best moments with The Dead, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Matisyahu, Ani DiFranco and more. And make sure to check out all the extra Live Fix coverage of […]

Rothbury Wrap Up Part 3: Green Team Tour

  I hope you enjoyed the last sensual wrap up. And without further ado, here’s the final post to wrap up my coverage of Rothbury Music Festival featuring my behind-the-scenes tour with the Rothbury Green Team. Rothbury Green Team Tour The pictures and videos below will take you through our behind-the-scenes tour of Rothbury Green […]

Concert Review: Rothbury Music Festival 2009

Each concert experience we have is measured against those that came before it. And it was nearly impossible not to compare Rothbury 2008 with this year’s festival, which almost didn’t even happen. Last October, questions of whether or not there would be a 2009 festival began began circulating when the owners of the site’s location […]

All Wrapped Up At Rothbury Festival: Part 1

 All technical difficulties  aside, we had a great time at Rothbury this weekend.  It’s always hard to leave a place like Rothbury.  But it feels really good to be back home so we can share all of our live concert culture adventures with you (and take a shower and sleep in our own bed). Rothbury’s music line-up this […]

Live Preview: Rothbury Festival 2009

I wonder if Robert Plutchik was a live music fan?  And I wonder if he would’ve enjoyed going to Rothbury Music  Festival this weekend. For the sake of this post I’m guessing he probably was a live music fan to some degree.  And I’d also say that he would’ve loved to go Rothbury this weekend […]

Rothbury Festival 2009 Lives On

If you haven’t heard yet Rothbury 2009 will (likely, supposedly, hopefully) happen. Though it doesn’t necessarily show on the festival’s website, it’s been a long road for Rothbury festival promoters Madison House, but together with AEG they struck a deal that was approved by a federal Bankruptcy Court Judge on January 6th as reported in […]

Is Rothbury 2009 Sustainable?

It saddens me to share this news but I must do it. On Oct 30th, the site of Rothbury Music festival went on the auction blocks. Will Rothbury recycle itself or just head to the music festival landfill? Back in Sept, as reported by Susan Pollack of the Detroit news, Double JJ Ranch, the site […]