Cornell Students Using Physics To Predict Human Behavior, Save Lives At Rock Concerts

I’ve got an excellent update to our ongoing experiments on concert rioting, live music fears and similar concert crisis related explorations. According to Physics Central a group of students at Cornell University have begun to share their research about comparing concert rioting and mosh pits to the how molecules in gas behave with the plan […]

metallica riot in India

Why Did Fans Riot at Metallica Concert in India?

  Well, Metallica’s first ever gig in India didn’t happen and things got ugly in a hurry. As you can see in the videos above and below, when the show was postponed and oversold the fans decided to riot and tear up the stage at the F1 show last weekend resulting in a cancellation and […]

Why Did Fans Riot At Canceled Drake Concert In NYC?

Concert fan behavior continues to fascinate me. And though yesterday’s riot after the canceled Drake concert in NYC is nothing to be proud of for any concert fan, it’s still yet other curious case of concert fans gone wild that we’re more than happy to examine.

What’s Making Fans Riot at Metallica Concerts?

The two riots at Metallica concerts in the last couple months don’t make sense. And, as sensational as both situations are, the whole thing still seems a bit odd because it wasn’t the fans inside the venue who were rioting.  And there also seems to be a cultural pattern developing.

The Best of Live Fix 2009: What You Loved The Most

From Oprah Flash Mobs and Bon Iver tattoos to U2’s intimate Claw stage and mourning Michael Jackson, it was clear that we had some pretty amazing experiences at concerts in 2009. So how do we put all our experiences in perspective? Was there one moment that defined our concert experiences in 2009? Was there one event or topic that you loved reading […]

How To Shoot A Concert When A Riot Breaks Out

As fans we all remember our first concert experience. But when you decide to cross that line and write about or photograph live music for the first time everything changes. I’ll always remember the first concert I reviewed. Though I was excited, nervous and anxious, I can’t say that a riot broke out during the first […]