Watch Ra Ra Riot Debut New “Beta Love” Tunes Live On YouTube


ra ra riot bowery present youtube concert


In case you missed it, last night Ra Ra Riot performed live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn and the festivities where livestreamed on YouTube. The show celebrated the release of the band’s new album “Beta Love” and kicks of their upcoming tour.



Now you can watch the performance for a limited time here or via the player above.

While I was watching the show I was definately enjoying the synthy swaying of the new tunes and thinking about these previous Live Fix Ra Ra Riot explorations. The in-between song chatter of lead singer Wes Miles was funny and entertaining, and gave fans a peek inside his heart and mind as he shared how he was feeling as the concert unfurled.

And since the show featured a new lineup I was also thinking of how the band chemistry, dynamics and artist emotions were unfolding and evolving onstage for this first show.

I hope you enjoy the show too and let us know what you think of it in the comments below, and we’ll share your experience on a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

1. Too Too Too Fast
2. Shadowcasting
3. Binary Mind
4. Oh, La
5. Beta Love
6. Angel Please
7. Too Dramatic
8. St. Peter’s Day Festival
9. Is It Too Much
10. Dance With Me
11. Can You Tell
12. When I Dream
13. For Once
14. Two Hearts Beat As One
15. Run My Mouth
16. Ghost Under Rocks
17. Boy

18. Dying Is Fine
19. I Shut Off

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Weekly Wrap-up: Hip Hop Memorials, Sensual Live Shows, Crazy Slayer Fans, Grief Explorations, Free Downloads and More


It’s not even Halloween yet and these last two weeks have been so scary good here on Live Fix that I’m terrified to think that you missed any of these posts.
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What Emotions Do Fans Feel During A Ra Ra Riot Show?


Ra Ra riot at Metro in Chicago

Ra Ra Riot has come a long way since I first saw them perform in 2007 at moe.down festival near their home in upstate New York. During their recent show at Metro in Chicago earlier this month, I had the chance to see how they’ve grown, get glimpse of their future and wonder what emotions fans feel during their performance.
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Concert Preview: Ra Ra Riot Leads Fans Through The Orchard


Ra Ra Riot has come a long way since I first saw them perform in 2007 at moe.down festival near their home in upstate New York. And I’m wondering what will be in store for fans during their current tour.

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Do Blogotheque Take Away Shows Redefine Concerts?

YouTube Preview Image

 So many things go through my mind when I’m at a concert.

But it’s been awhile since I’ve wondered about this.

So I’ll throw the question out there again.

What classifies or defines a musical performance event as a concert?  Sure, that wiki link gives me some answers.

 But still I wonder what makes a “concert” a concert?

Is it where it takes place?

How many people are there?

How many people aren’t there?

Where the audience is?

Who the audience is?

How big the audience is?

What the audience is doing during the show?

The ticket cost?

What type of instruments and how the band is playing them?

Like I said, I’ve wondered all these things many times before. And what made these questions start to flow again was another late night viewing of Current TV as they featured Blogotheque’s Take Away Shows–which is an ongoing series where bands put on concerts in unlikely locations such as in a bathroom, a van, a gymnasium, etc. The one that I saw recently was with Fleet Foxes as they sung a capella and unplugged in a gymnasium. I also scoped out Ra Ra Riot’s show, too while I was at it.

Translated from French to English via Google’ language translator here’s how Le Blogoteque describes their Take Away Show mission:

“Each week, a film session with an artist or a group invited to play in the city, a bar, the street, a park, an apartment, with the passage of incidents, hesitations, those moments of madness. Without mounting cosmetics, with its gross capture a moment, film music as it came, without preparation, without tricks.”


Everything that I questioned at the beginning of this post about  the true definition of or what makes a concert a “concert”, is everything that a Take Away Show isn’t. 

And since improvisation  and intimacy were both key stage setters for both the Fleet Foxes and Ra Ra Riot’s Take Away Shows.  I paused for a moment and marveled at the fact that there wasn’t a crowd to influence the performance (the only audience was sitting at home, like me, on a couch, soaking up the dreamy harmoics and rhythms of Fleet Foxes and Ra Ra Riot.)  

That said, I definitely wouldn’t clasifiy Take Away Shows as “concerts.” But calling them  “shows”  is spot on. Because both “shows” showed (or revealed) a new dimension of the bands that I didn’t see before. These bands put on two very different live performances as I reviewed them both before. But one thing that escaped both shows live was so much more present and paramount in these Take Away shows. Meaning, the level of comfort the bands felt appeared to be much higher, which increased the  level intimacy I felt from their performance coming through the TV screen.

Was this because there wasn’t an audience of thousands staring at them to intimidate the band?

Did these shows allow the band to feel more like they were peforming in a relaxed studio environment or at home in their bedroom?

Either way, what struck me the most, was how they still both managed to retain the feel and the emotional elements of a live show even though they didn’t have most of the basic elements and surroundings of a live concert.  

Have you seen the Take Away Shows?   

Did they make you rethink was a concert really is and how a concert can really make you feel?

What do you take away from the  Take Away Shows?

Do you feel the same way?

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Ra Ra Riot: NPR All Songs Considered Interview


This NPR All Songs Considered live show and interview with New York rock quintet Ra Ra Riot gave me a good look into the emotions a band encounters when performing before a national audience for the first time.

I first saw and reviewed Ra Ra Riot during a show close to their home in upstate New York at moe.down festival in 2007. As an indie-rock band with an eclectic rhythmic section they seemed a bit out of place in weekend of full of jam bands, but they still put on a great show that swept me off my feet and caught my attention ever since.

This moe.down show was also a few months after their original drummer John Pike died, so during the show I was wondering how they were dealing with the grief and sadness. As they unloaded their gear from the trailer and quickly set up, I wondered how much those emotion fueled their show.

So when I finally got around to hearing this NPR backstage interview before their Washington D.C. show this past October, I was pleased to hear them talk about what goes through their minds when performing and how they handled being under the national live concert spot light in 2008 as they promoted their debut album the Rhumb Line.

Have you had any insight into a concert of your favorite band lately?

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