He Was There: The Amazing Concert Adventures of Eric “Nihilist” Kolkey

You’re in for a special treat my friends. Because, during this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’ll journey through the amazing concert adventures of Eric “Nihilist” Kolkey. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we explore Kolkey’s pioneering days promoting and celebrating Chicago’s legendary punk scene, discover his sensual rituals at Vivian Girls shows […]

Phil Rockrohr Chicago Rocks Tour

Explore This: New “Chicago Rocks” Music Tour

We’ve got an exclusive interview with Phil Rockrohr, a fellow concert fan and the man behind Chicago Rocks: 1980-2002, a new music tour that takes you on a wild ride to discover Chicago’s historic recording roots and celebrated music venues. Yes, my friends, that’s right! We have a treat for you today with a special […]

Slow Down And Celebrate With Gapers Block

This Friday May 21st, our friends at Gapers Block are celebrating their 7th anniversary with a party in Chicago at Metro. The show will bring together a mix of soul, pop and punk tunes from some of Chicago’s finest indie bands.

What Is The Secret To Creating Touring Telepathy?

I love what I heard (and felt) when I listened to San Francisco-based rock trio Mi Ami’s new single “Latin Lover.” And to make things even better, the band explained how touring unlocked their creativity and made them “near-telepathic” when writing their new album.

My Quest Continues: Re-Discovering Chicago Hardcore

For the last several months I’ve been doing some heavy research in to Chicago’s early to late 80’s hardcore scene. If you’re new to this era and genre you can check out some of my favorite bands like the Effigies and this Punk database to get an idea of what other bands were a part […]

RIP Jay Reatard: A Special Note For Live Music Fans

I have some sad news to share with you. As Pitchfork reports, garage-punk rocker Jay Reatard died in his sleep early Wednesday morning due to unknown causes. Whenever a musician dies I always feel weird writing about or calling attention to it.  I’m reluctant to blog about it because it makes other deaths seems less important or significant in some way.

Jay Reatard Fans Rush Stage, Rock Comments

  Have you left a comment after a live review since we discussed Jesus Lizard lead singer David Yow’s painful crowd-surfing incident? If you haven’t, don’t worry.  Because I found another one to inspire you. But this time the concert drama comes from Emo’s in Austin, TX. It’s not surprising that another punk-rocker, Jay Reatard, is involved. Like […]