Will Forest Hills Stadium Rock Again in the 21st Century?

Editorial Note: This post was written by Colleen. Have fun exploring the story of Forest Hill Stadium and check out the introduction to Colleen’s weekly live music history column here. If you’re like me, you know that our concert memories remain in our hearts and minds long after the show is over. But, unfortunately, we […]

The Secrets To Feeding Your Live Music Addiction With MOG

Today our sponsors and partners over at the MOG Music Network have a bunch of new releases for you to enjoy. What’s MOG? Looking for some new full album downloads from Neil Diamond, Elvis Costello and N.E.R.D.? What does Live Fix think of MOG? Here’s the complete lowdown that’ll answer all those questions.

A Touring Lesson From Neil Diamond

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to spill a few words about Mr. Love On The Rocks. And like my loyalty to the Cubs, my emotional connection to Neil Diamond rests largely in the fact that my dad has always been a huge fan, so growing up with “Coming to America” and “Sweet Caroline” […]