Monthly Wrap-Up: What You Loved The Most May Surprise You


As I stood behind Evander Holyfield and scoped out his famously gnawed ears and watched Naomi Judd crawl across the floor cracking jokes in a VIP suite; and listened to Jewel struggle through the National Anthem at the Indy 500 on Sunday, I thought to myself ‘Now, I know the Judd family and Jewel love live music but what about Evander?  And then right after I wondered that I thought ‘Wow…May was a really great month for live music.’

And like Dario Franchitti (he won the Indy 500), the month just blewbymesofast.

Over the last thirty days, so much life-altering, mind-blowing touring news and all-consuming concert fan and band action occurred.

We tried to keep up with it all here at Live Fix and we hope you enjoyed our concerted spin on things and had fun slurping down what we served up.

But did you catch it all?

Did you peep the inspiring secrets of a summer music festival dancing swarm?

Did you learn how some of the most popular music festival mobile apps are made?

Did you hear about that exploding band from Chicago?

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