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5 Elements Of The Perfect Concert Mobile App

  We know that mobile is changing live music. But how are mobiles apps evolving? Are they evolving in the right way? Let’s take look and see with this quick trip through this Billboard article by Elliot Van Busskirk. Then I’ll offer up a 5 Elements that I think should be on the perfect concert mobile app. […]

stagepage mobile app

StagePage And More Live Music Mobile Apps That Rock

        During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’re diving deeper into our exploration of the best mobile apps for concert fans. Listen in to our chat with Alex Miller as she shares the story behind StagePage, her mission to improve how we remember our concert experiences and why she will never forget […]

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Pixies Release New (Awesome) Mobile App for Fans

  We told you before how the Pixies are rockin’ their reunion and now they’ve released a new FREE Pixies iPhone and Android mobile app this week. I’ve been exploring the app the last couple days and I have to say that it’s pretty frickin’ awesome as far as mobile apps for concert fans go.  And […]

Concert Preview: Lollapalooza Music Festival 2010

For the fifth straight year since it became a destination festival in 2005, Lollapalooza gets ready to rock and rumble the masses along Chicago’s lakefront in Grant Park. And over the last five years the festival has only grown larger, signed bigger deals with the City of Chicago and sold out to capacity. To get […]

Monthly Wrap-Up: What You Loved The Most May Surprise You

As I stood behind Evander Holyfield and scoped out his famously gnawed ears and watched Naomi Judd crawl across the floor cracking jokes in a VIP suite; and listened to Jewel struggle through the National Anthem at the Indy 500 on Sunday, I thought to myself ‘Now, I know the Judd family and Jewel love […]

The Making Of A Music Festival Mobile App: Interview With Seed Labs

With each passing concert mobile apps continue to change how we experience live music. But how exactly are some of the most popular mobile concert apps made? Do developers depend on concert fans to improve their apps? Are concert apps becoming more than just a convenient alternative to the usual crumpled paper schedule?

Monthly Wrap-up: How We Got Our Concert Fix In April

If you missed some of the top Live Fix posts in April, don’t worry.  I understand because April was a busy month here at Live Fix, too.  If you can believe it, I even forgot to read some of my own best posts. So here’s a quick wrap-up revisiting all the hot April action: enhanced concert […]

Are Concert Fans and Music Venues Using Foursquare?

For the last few months I’ve been doing a test with Foursquare. And I’ll admit, like other new mobile social apps, I wasn’t completely sold on it. I had to play around with Foursquare for awhile to find out how it works and how it can be useful in my life. Well, I think I’ve […]