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The Bieber Tops Beatle With Free Mexico City Concert

  Our Bieber fever and Beatles explorations continue with this news about Justin Bieber’s recent free concert in Mexico City that drew 300,000 bielebers topping Paul McCarntecy’s show that drew 250,000 fans just a few weeks earlier. Here’s how Bieber responded to and reflected on the experience according to MTV.com: While his fans displayed their […]

The Best of Live Fix 2009: What You Loved The Most

From Oprah Flash Mobs and Bon Iver tattoos to U2’s intimate Claw stage and mourning Michael Jackson, it was clear that we had some pretty amazing experiences at concerts in 2009. So how do we put all our experiences in perspective? Was there one moment that defined our concert experiences in 2009? Was there one event or topic that you loved reading […]

Stuff Your Face (Before) Thanksgiving with Live Music News

  Are you a hungry live music fan? I hope so. Because I have 3 succulent and satifying live music news stories that’ll get you primed for the big feast later this week. You can start the face-stuffing early as I dish out a meaty live music meal that’s simmering with stories that made my mouth water over the last couple […]

AEG Live Wants Your Next Concert To Be 3D

  Man, this story got me pumped when I read it! I just hope the corporate concert industry doesn’t mess up their great opportunity to revolutionize the live concert experience. And it looks like we aren’t as far away from live concert mashups as I thought we were.  What I’m talking about is this Billboard story […]

Experiencing Grief, Joy and Community in Live Music

Two things have been brewing in my mind lately. 1) The Community of Cathartic Mourning and 2) Building Relationships in Live Music The Community of Cathartic Mourning A good friend of my wife and I shared this Bonnie Raitt Star Tribune review with me a few weeks ago (the video above is one she excitedly posted on Facebook before […]

Will ‘This Is It’ Be a Final Thriller for Jackson Fans?

Some say that with This Is It Michael Jackson will finally get the silver screen moment he always wanted. But will it be a concert film he would’ve wanted and one that fans deserve? It certainly won’t replace what his live concerts were like or what his final tour would’ve been like. But nonetheless this past weekend tickets for […]

Will You Applaud The Michael Jackson Movie?

Disclaimer:I know this is two Michael Jackson related posts back to back. So before I get to the news, I feel that I need to make a few things clear. I’d like to quickly say that although there’s nothing wrong with tribute blogs, Live Fix is not a Michael Jackson tribute blog. It just so happens that his […]

Rock The Bells 2009: The Elements of Mourning Michael Jackson

    Something huge happened two days before the first Rock the Bells  tour stop in Chicago transforming the festival in to a day-long mourning experience that I haven’t experienced before at a music festival. From the stage to the lawn seats, the death of Michael Jackson completely altered the entire emotional experience for both […]

Is Michael Jackson’s Death His Final Gift To All Live Music Fans?

When I posted my heartfelt thoughts about Michael Jackson and his London shows on Tuesday, I had no idea what would happen on Thursday afternoon. (See my Facebook trail from Thursday afternoon, bottom to top). And over the last three days I’ve felt a wave of different emotions ranging from happy and nostalgic to guilt and sadness. It’s not […]

Is Michael Jackson Confused About His London Shows?

The music of Michael Jackson has always held a special spot in my heart, especially after Thriller became one of my favorite albums as a kid growing up in the eighties.  (Update: This post was written two days before Michael Jackson’s death. Please read my response to this unexpectedly timely post here.)  But I have to admit I’ve had […]