Live Fix Radio Episode 41: Live Music Fashion On Stage and Beyond

  On this episode of Live Fix Radio we’re continuing our exploration of live music fashion and chatting with special guests Brittany Abeijon, editor in chief of The Facets Magazine, and JP Chookaszian, Urban Offering as we traverse through the exciting and controversial topic of what fans wear (and shouldn’t wear) when we go to concerts. Not only […]

grouplove live chicago metro

Grouplove and First Concert Experiences

  During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’re continuing our exploration of the wonders of our first concert experiences. Listen in as Matt, who won our Bears/Packers wager, shares how Grouplove filled his cup and left him tongue-tied during his first show at Metro. Subscribe via iTunes. Show Notes: Segment one: News and other cool […]

Paranormal Activity Haunts Chicago’s Live Music Venues

Bands perform scary shows all the time. But what about the venues themselves? Are there live music haunts in Chicago that play host to local ghosts and spirits who are waiting for one more encore from the band? Yes, Chicago’s live music venues do have a spooky history, and to continue our Halloween celebration this […]

What Emotions Do Fans Feel During A Ra Ra Riot Show?

Ra Ra Riot has come a long way since I first saw them perform in 2007 at moe.down festival near their home in upstate New York. During their recent show at Metro in Chicago earlier this month, I had the chance to see how they’ve grown, get glimpse of their future and wonder what emotions […]

Concert Review: Good Times With Gayngs At Metro

To answer my own question and complete for you yet another curiosity-filled Live Fix Experiment, I will tell you that, yes, Gayngs was just as good live as they are on their debut album Relayted, one of my favorite albums of 2010. But read on, because there was more to this show that just Gayngs […]

K’NAAN in Chicago: Micro-Moments Create Mega Pleasure

Concerts are full of micro-moments of pleasure and excitement. And often those moments rush by us so fast we don’t even know what we felt or have time to think about why we felt so good and lifted. So let’s travel back through some of the micro-moments that made up the mega pleasure at K’NAAN’s […]

Beach House At Metro: Live Tweeting Human Emotion

It seems so long ago. But really it’s only been a couple of weeks since I was engulfed in the mysterious and enigmatic music of Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House. It was one of the best shows of 2010 (so far). So let’s see what was conjured inside the heart and mind of one […]