How Is This 13-year-old Musician Using “Christmas Smiles” To Help Fight Children’s Cancer?

Earlier this year during the K’naan show at Metro we told you how, a fan, 13-year-old aspiring singer-songwriter Kate Diaz from Chicago, was invited on stage to sing and play guitar for K’naan’s excellent African folk-pop ballad “Be Free”. During that song, like everyone else around me, I watched amazed at the skill and composure […]

Monthly Wrap-up: How We Got Our Concert Fix In April

If you missed some of the top Live Fix posts in April, don’t worry.  I understand because April was a busy month here at Live Fix, too.  If you can believe it, I even forgot to read some of my own best posts. So here’s a quick wrap-up revisiting all the hot April action: enhanced concert […]

K’NAAN in Chicago: Micro-Moments Create Mega Pleasure

Concerts are full of micro-moments of pleasure and excitement. And often those moments rush by us so fast we don’t even know what we felt or have time to think about why we felt so good and lifted. So let’s travel back through some of the micro-moments that made up the mega pleasure at K’NAAN’s […]