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Live Fix Radio: Camplified and Teaching The Kids How To Rock Live

  As we’ve seen (and heard) before, kids can rock the stage and get lost in the awe of live music at any age. And during this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’re continuing our why kids rock and amaze us exploration and talking with Camplified founder Aimee Berger about how she’s playing a pivotal […]

Live Fix Radio: What Kind Of Concert Character Are You?

  During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’re talking with Steve Weinberger author of No Air Guitar Allowed. Listen in as he shares how his comical book of concert characters came to life, what he’s never done at a show before and how he’s teaching his daughter the fine art of concertgoing. Plus, we’ll explore our electromusical […]

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The Bieber Tops Beatle With Free Mexico City Concert

  Our Bieber fever and Beatles explorations continue with this news about Justin Bieber’s recent free concert in Mexico City that drew 300,000 bielebers topping Paul McCarntecy’s show that drew 250,000 fans just a few weeks earlier. Here’s how Bieber responded to and reflected on the experience according to While his fans displayed their […]

Are These Kids Superstitious About Live Music and Life?

  It’s Friday the 13th and we know all about the strange and superstitious fears of live music. But what about the development of our fears? I ask this because I’ve noticed that many fears and superstitions  we have when we’re younger no longer have the same power over us as they once did. And, […]

Why Do These Kids Rock, Jam and Amaze Us So Much?

During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we explore the topic of teenage performers and how the live music experience impacts their creativity, inspiration and psychological development. We’re excited to dive into this topic and share with you the music of 14 year-old singer-songwriter Kate Diaz and soul-blues-jazz-hip hop octet Kids These Days. Ever since […]

Wicker Park Fest Gives Birth to Pregnant Rock?

Frank from Windy City Rock posted a review from Wicker Park Fest in Chicago this weekend. And this review included a comment about Grand Duchy‘s pregnant keyboardist. And as you can imagine it got me thinking about many things. Even so, husband and wife duo Black Francis and Violet Clark, along with Jason Carter on drums and […]

What Will Rock the Family System?

  Welcome to Part 3 as we revisit my conversation with No Air Guitar Allowed author Steve Weinberger. In Part One, we questioned Why Mosh Pits exist, in Part Two we crowd surfed through the mind of Foo Fighter Frontman Dave Grohl,  and in this final post we’re going to explore the impact of concert culture on the family system. […]

Live Music & Infants: Sacred Mirrors of Reflection

Hey there, I’d like to follow up with you about something. A couple weeks ago, I posted a video about Chicago rock band The Sea and Cake. Well, sure enough, as I was a bit behind on my blog reading, over that same weekend I read Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot’s November 12th interview […]

Better Than Disney World? The Kids Are All Write!

When I read this Press-Enterprise story by Vanessa Frank about 6 year old Eavan Gilhuly attending last year’s Coachella festival with her mom and then covering this year’s Coachella music festival for a print publication, I was excited to think about all the experimenting possibilities a story like this presents when looking for and testing […]