What Emotions Do Fans Feel During A Ra Ra Riot Show?

Ra Ra Riot has come a long way since I first saw them perform in 2007 at moe.down festival near their home in upstate New York. During their recent show at Metro in Chicago earlier this month, I had the chance to see how they’ve grown, get glimpse of their future and wonder what emotions […]

Concert Review: Jakob Dylan at the Morton Arboretum

One of the reasons a concert becomes our favorite is because, in some way, it became a psychological and emotional shelter from life’s storm right when we needed it most, and it gave us just the right amount of mental diversion so we could forget about whatever we were hoping to erase from our minds […]

Massive Weekly Wrap-Up: Huge News For You!

Sometimes there are concerts that are so big, so huge, so monumentally massive that words can’t describe the impact that they have on fans and bands. Yes, I’ve been to a few concerts like that. And if I were to compare weekly wrap-ups to those mega concert moments, I would say that combining the last […]

Concert Preview: Jakob Dylan At Morton Arboretum

I often think that where you see a concert is just as important as who’s performing. And this Saturday Jakob Dylan will be playing at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. The venue is primarily a 1,700 acre outdoor museum of trees, shrubs and other plants. And like other unique outdoor music venues, it sounds […]

Monthly Wrap-up: How We Got Our Concert Fix In April

If you missed some of the top Live Fix posts in April, don’t worry.  I understand because April was a busy month here at Live Fix, too.  If you can believe it, I even forgot to read some of my own best posts. So here’s a quick wrap-up revisiting all the hot April action: enhanced concert […]

This Jakob Dylan Review Just Made Me Smile

One of the ways I like to keep things fresh and avoid writer’s block is to read concert reviews written by other music writers. Besides keeping me updated on what other writers are digging at the moment, reading a well-written concert review also helps fill my creative pipeline, especially when I read one that makes […]