Concert Preview: Jonny Rumble and The Kickback at The Hideout

As we’ve told you before, there are a lot of exciting independent bands that rock Chicago on a nightly basis. And tonight at The Hideout Johnny Rumble and The Kickback will doing their best to help melt away the memory of yesterday’s massive blizzard that turned the Midwest upside down and shook us up like […]

Concert Preview: GigMaven Chicago Kick-Off Show At Subtereanean

We recently explored tools to help independent artists launch their DIY career and grow their fan base through touring. And now, we’d like to share news about GigMaven, a free website that helps artists find venues and book gigs at several of our favorite Chicago venues including the Empty Bottle, Congress Theater, Double Door, Lincoln […]

Live Fix Exclusive: Sci-Fi Concert Mashup Illustration

Contiuning our exploration into Real Live Concert Mashups, I’d like to share with you a Live Fix exclusive! The image above is a first ever Live Fix concert mashup illustration.  It was created by my friend and illustrator Sean Sullivan who was inspired by my live concert mashup post.  I had been asking him to consider contributing his […]

I Love The Cubs But…

  Having Billy Joel and Elton John play on July 21st at Wrigley Field in Chicago is not the best thing for fans (baseball or music.) With such a rich crop of indie-rock right in their own backyard and considering the state of the Tribune needng a new and younger audience to get future revenue […]