Sweet and Amazing Discoveries In Live Music

Did you see what we “un-locked” at the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival? We hope so, because we’ve got another CBB festival discovery for you. But this time it’s of the homemade variety.

How To Start Your Own Live Music Blog: Part Two

When began our race with Lap One’s inspirational and creativity tips to help get you started and keep your blog running even when it gets tough and your creative side gets fried and your blogger legs start to wobble and burn. Now it’s time for Lap Two. And since every blog has a story, I’ll […]

How To Start Your Own Live Music Blog: Pt. 1

It’s time to take another special blogging detour from our usual concert adventures.  What sort of diversion are we going to take this time? Well, in this three-part series I’ll share some tips, tools and a story that you can use to start your own blog, whether it’s about live music or anything else.

The Rhythm Of Playing Live At SXSW Music Festival 2010

Ask anyone who’s been there before and they’ll tell you that playing and going to SXSW Music Festival is lots of fun. But there’s a little more to it than that. So let’s see how things are going so far at this year’s festival, and see what bands and fans can do to prep for […]

The Benefit Of Using Humor To Promote Concerts

Yesterday I received an email from hip hop/folk artist Tim Fite. It made me laugh like most of his quirky and oddly entertaining newsletter updates do. But this one was special and I’d like to share it with you because of how he creatively promotes his upcoming New York show.