Concert News Round-up: Chuck Berry, The Black Keys, Girl Talk, Lauryn Hill, Yeasayer, Gogol Bordello

Goodbye 2010…Hello 2011! It’s been a busy last week for concert fans and bands, and in case you missed any of the action, here’s a quick tour through top stories and reviews featuring exciting and crazy news about Chuck Berry, The Black Keys, Lauryn Hill, Girl Talk and a great set of hilarious touring tips […]

Girl Talk NYE 2009 Concert Movie Released On YouTube Today

We’ve been waiting several months to see it and today via YouTube the Girl Talk concert movie was finally released. The documentary short-film tells the story behind the massive shindig that went down during the NYE 2009 celebration in Chicago at the Congress Theatre last year. So let’s see if it reveals any of the […]

Girl Talk New Years Eve 2009: More Than A Mashup

    Mashup phenom Gregg Gillis Girl Talk continues to amaze me. The madness started with his breakthrough album Night Ripper in 2007 and continued with a chaotically joyous concert at Pitchfork that overflowed onto the street. Next came the anticipated follow up Feed the Animals in 2008 capped off by a performance on a bigger mainstream stage at Lollapalooza follow by even more constant touring. And […]

Can Animated Sketch Comedy Enhance Live Concert Reviews?

  I came across something the other day that made me wonder if the live music review was beginning its next comedic metamorphosis. Because I know the art of the live review is always evolving as there’s always more than one way to capture the live music experience. Snap Reviews of Complex Performances, a live music comedy experiment […]

Concert Review: Lollapalooza Music Festival 2008

This review originally appeared in Popmatters. They say that being in a band is like being married. Well, in the case of Lollapalooza and the City of Chicago, I would say the same goes for the relationship between a city and festival promoters, especially when they look in each other’s eyes and sign a 5-year, […]

Correction to Girl Talk post

Hey there, I have to make things right. First, thanks to whoever it was that dropped a comment on yesterday’s Lolla Day Three post and rightfully corrected me on my facts. I used Ableton to describe Girl Talk’s (aka Greg Gillis) way of mixing the music and this was incorrect; he uses Adobe Audition and […]

Lollapalooza: Day Three

Well, Live Exhausters, it’s over and I’m a bit exhausted…in a good way, though. Lolla ‘08 was by far the most crowded Lollapalooza since the festival came to Chicago and the increase in attendance numbers from around 65,000 in 2006 to a sellout 75,000 each day this year was very much felt as I fought […]