A New Concert Fan Is Born: What Will Baby Calvin Experience?

    I’m beyond excited to share the news that this week we welcomed a new concert fan in to the world! While many of you were rocking out at your favorite shows on Tuesday night our first child Calvin Christopher made his grand entrance onto the world’s stage. Over the last nine months I’ve […]

What Will Rock the Family System?

  Welcome to Part 3 as we revisit my conversation with No Air Guitar Allowed author Steve Weinberger. In Part One, we questioned Why Mosh Pits exist, in Part Two we crowd surfed through the mind of Foo Fighter Frontman Dave Grohl,  and in this final post we’re going to explore the impact of concert culture on the family system. […]

Who's in Your Musical Family System?

Ever wanted to return the favor after a great show and help an up-and-coming band save money and catch some z’s after the show? Then you might want to check out one of the web’s most used hospitality sites couchsurfing.com. From the Grateful Dead and Phish followers to punk rock communities, bands have been—formally and […]