Are These Ticketmaster Fake Concert Ticket Tips For The Fans?

  Continuing our exploration of Live Nation and Ticketmaster, here’s a few wonderings I had about fake concert tickets as I read a recent post on Ticketmaster’s Ticketology blog. Ticketmaster’s  Are those real post aims to share tips for fans to avoid counterfiet tickets. Most of the tips are helpful and it was interesting and heartbreaking […]

Saul Williams Experiment: The Dual Review

  I’ve always wanted to do this.  So I did it. But before I share with you Part One of a recent Live Fix Experiment, I want to thank my friend and fellow music writer Moira McCormick for giving me the chance to test out some ideas and explore another aspect of live music. The Dual Concert […]

Pitchfork Music Festival: Did Day One Go As Planned?

Day One of the Pitchfork Music Festival was a drizzly and chilly one. But there was enough warmth and heat coming from the stage via the Jesus Lizard and Built to Spill to keep me from shivering myself to death (I’ll make sure to bring a sweatshirt for Day Two). The Live Fix Twitter Experiment is going […]

Can Readers, Newspapers and the Web Get Along?

Earlier this month, two Dallas newspapers begun an “experiment” which involves running the same review of the same concert for both papers instead of having two critics write about the concert providing two different perspectives. This experiment is an attempt on one level to cut costs and help newspapers get more bang for their buck […]

Live Music Experiment #1: What Is The Most Important Sense?

  It’s begun! I’m pleased to announce the first phase questionnaire that will begin a series of experiments examining the role and importance of the five senses at a live show. After having several conversations with friends about what they think is the most important sense when it comes to enjoying a live show, I […]