The Tragedy At Love Parade Festival In Germany

On Saturday I posted an interview with a live music fan who had a DJ Tiesto concert conversion experience last fall in Chicago. Well, it saddens me to publish this blog post because it’s about the tragedy that occurred at the Love Parade in Germany where DJ Tiesto was headlining and 21 concert fans died […]

Good, Bad Or Strange: How Are Concert Fans Behaving In 2010?

By the end of 2009, we had gathered up a very entertaining group of concert characters for our best (and worst) concert fans of the year list. So now that we’re half way through 2010, it’s time for a quick mid-year check-in so you can share your own funny, strange and inspiring fan sightings you’ve […]

Massive Weekly Wrap-Up: Huge News For You!

Sometimes there are concerts that are so big, so huge, so monumentally massive that words can’t describe the impact that they have on fans and bands. Yes, I’ve been to a few concerts like that. And if I were to compare weekly wrap-ups to those mega concert moments, I would say that combining the last […]

Why Did Fans Riot At Canceled Drake Concert In NYC?

Concert fan behavior continues to fascinate me. And though yesterday’s riot after the canceled Drake concert in NYC is nothing to be proud of for any concert fan, it’s still yet other curious case of concert fans gone wild that we’re more than happy to examine.

How Fans Feel The Pain of Falling On Stage

Why do we take pleasure in someone else’s pain? Have you ever laughed,  or giggled, under your breath when you’ve seen someone trip and then kiss the pavement? I’ll be honest with you.  I have.  Many times. Ever since I can remember, when I see someone trip or fall, I usually laugh when it happens.  Not because I’m a heartless […]