The Best of Live Fix 2009: What You Loved The Most

From Oprah Flash Mobs and Bon Iver tattoos to U2’s intimate Claw stage and mourning Michael Jackson, it was clear that we had some pretty amazing experiences at concerts in 2009. So how do we put all our experiences in perspective? Was there one moment that defined our concert experiences in 2009? Was there one event or topic that you loved reading […]

The Secrets to Oprah’s Kickoff Party Flash Mob Dance

What’s bigger than Chicago, bigger than the Black Eyed Peas and bigger than Oprah? The collective ripple effect of thousands of “Joy Ambassadors” dancing in downtown Chicago during a Black Eyed Peas concert. Like the rest of Chicago, I was amazed when I saw it (see above video).  And usually mobs are angry and not this beautiful […]

Still Feeding on Pitchfork Music Festival?

Halfway through the summer Pitchfork Music Festival gave me the chance to experience many of my favorite bands in a live setting for the first time.  Over the course of three days, some left my jaw on the ground while others left me shaking my head in disappointing disarray.  Not so with the Flaming Lips.  […]

Are You Under the Influence of the Individual?

You? Yes, you. Until I saw the Dancing Guy YouTube clip, I’ve spent most of my time on Live Fix exploring and wondering about group concert behavoir as opposed to the individual fan impact on live concert culture. When it comes to assessing  fan behavior and determining whether or not drugs and alcohol is aiding their ability to express themselves, the assessing is usually […]

I Was Wrong About Sasquatch Festival’s Dancing Guy

 Yep, I was wrong. Since my original post I’ve received responses back  from inquiries I sent to both fans who’s videos I featured on the original post. And in  the wake of their comments, I’ve had to rethink my initial thoughts about the swarm started by the Dancing Guy. Included below is the first response from the […]

Sasquatch Festival’s ”Dancing Guy”: Was This Real?

Santogold’s “Unstoppable” is a great song. And I don’t doubt its power to ignite a massive live concert swarming dance party.  And it’s a great anthem for this story, too. But when I first watched the YouTube video from last month’s Sasquatch Festival where this “Dancing Guy”  starts a dance party during Santogold ‘s “Unstoppable,” I […]