Cornell Students Using Physics To Predict Human Behavior, Save Lives At Rock Concerts

I’ve got an excellent update to our ongoing experiments on concert rioting, live music fears and similar concert crisis related explorations. According to Physics Central a group of students at Cornell University have begun to share their research about comparing concert rioting and mosh pits to the how molecules in gas behave with the plan […]

bruce springsteen dublin power switch

You Should Never Try To Unplug The Boss Or Sir Paul

  That’s right. You don’t turn the power off on the Boss until he’s done. And apparently not even Sir Paul could sway authorities to keep the show going after concert organizers turned the switch off last week in England. As the Huffington Post reports: Concert organizers pulled the plug on rock stars Bruce Springsteen […]

Radiohead toronto stage collapse

Reflecting On The Radiohead Stage Collapse

  Radiohead has been the focus of several Live Fix explorations over the years and it saddens us to share the tragic news of their stage collapsing in Toronto. Here’s a statement released by the band shortly after the incident. As you will probably have heard the roof over the stage collapsed at our show […]

justin bieber mexico free concert

The Bieber Tops Beatle With Free Mexico City Concert

  Our Bieber fever and Beatles explorations continue with this news about Justin Bieber’s recent free concert in Mexico City that drew 300,000 bielebers topping Paul McCarntecy’s show that drew 250,000 fans just a few weeks earlier. Here’s how Bieber responded to and reflected on the experience according to While his fans displayed their […]

Van Halen Cover Band Wants To Finish The Tour

  Our  Van Halen concert experiment continues with some very interesting developments. In the wake of the band’s recent announcement that they will be canceling their tour, according to TMZ, a Van Halen cover band Van Halen Army has stepped up and said they would like to finish what was started. …if the real Van […]

Jack White Attempts Strange Metaphoric Concert Record

  Well, this is a fun continuation of our ongoing White Stripes experiment. Of course it’s only Jack White attempting a new world record as he voyages out in the wake of his new album Blunderbuss. Here’s the news according to a press release that I received and chuckled through as I read the details […]

van halen reunion tour tattoo

Is Van Halen Nervous About Their Renunion Tour?

Yes, even rock stars get nervous. And as Van Halen gets ready to rock once again, one band member got vulnerable with fans during a smaller, more intimate show at a historic venue. As Pollstar reports, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth and the band took the stage at the Cafe Wha? in New York […]