u2 blind guitar fan

Looks Like U2 Fans Saved the Concert Industry in 2011

After exploring the stories of these U2 fans, it obvious that their desire to experience the awe and granduer of U2 live is what saved the concert industry from another down year in 2011. At least that’s what the numbers say. According to Billboard, here’s a breakdown of the numbers in their Year in Touring […]

Did The Concert Industry Survive 2010?

Last week we explored our Best of 2010 concert experiences. And during those explorations we discovered how live music continues to be a place of profound self-discovery, escape and an environment were live music fans find emotional comfort and community. But did the concert industry’s bottom line reflect the same awe and wonder? Did we […]

Did the Concert Industry Survive 2009?

I’m not a big numbers guy but when I read the year-end numbers issued by Live Nation, AEG Live and other promoters, I thought it’d be a good idea for us to take a stroll through them just to make sure that the live music industry didn’t die and everyone made it through 2009 alive. We’ll also lay to rest a […]

Are We One Step Closer To a FANS Concert Model?

  It’s been a busy week for stories that involve putting the fans in the driver’s seat in the music industry.  First, it was Glastonbury’s early sell out then I read this story about Public Enemy calling on fans to front money for their next album and giving fans a share of the profits. Both […]