A Cultural Piss-Understanding: MGMT Takes Live Urine Test During Concert

Watching how fans behave at concerts is one of our favorite things to do here at Live Fix. And when I heard about MGMT getting “piss” thrown on them at a recent show in England, it was time to see what exactly happened and wonder about all those crazy culture cues that artists struggle with.

Is Slurpee’s Battle of the Bands Contest Sweet Enough?

I’m a sucker for a well-mixed Coke, mango and cherry Slurpee after a show or anytime the crave strikes, so I thought I’d share this Slurpee Battle of the Bands contest that wraps up today. And like all the other concert contests we’ve featured on Live Fix, this Slurpee contest needs a few more ingredients […]

Is Stagediving Really An Art?

This “failed stage dive” video has been circulating the web for the last few days and it brings up a very important topic: the art of stage diving. But I warn you… what we’re about to discuss is dangerous and extremely liberating.

Good, Bad Or Strange: How Are Concert Fans Behaving In 2010?

By the end of 2009, we had gathered up a very entertaining group of concert characters for our best (and worst) concert fans of the year list. So now that we’re half way through 2010, it’s time for a quick mid-year check-in so you can share your own funny, strange and inspiring fan sightings you’ve […]

Do Concert Fans Enjoy Being Manipulated?

Do I dare to even ask such a complex question? Absolutely. It’s an important question to ask as we head into a weekend full of live music adventures.  And it’s also a question I’ve wondered about for awhile. And now is the perfect time to explore it.

Help Improve The Ticket Re-Selling Industry

This is a quick post to help out a fellow blogger and live music fan Max Raymond. On his site The Musical Chairs he posted about needing help with some research and reader feedback from live music fans, so I thought we’d pull all our concert experiences together to lend him a hand.

Why We Tweet and Text During Concerts

 I love when artists express themselves by making comments in between songs.  Because their comments are often expressions that show a side of them that their recorded music doesn’t reveal.  And, usually, once the comment is said it adds an element of unrehearsed and honest suspense to the show. The comment that made me write this […]