Cornell Students Using Physics To Predict Human Behavior, Save Lives At Rock Concerts

I’ve got an excellent update to our ongoing experiments on concert rioting, live music fears and similar concert crisis related explorations. According to Physics Central a group of students at Cornell University have begun to share their research about comparing concert rioting and mosh pits to the how molecules in gas behave with the plan […]

NYC riot at Tammy Hall

What Happened During Rap Concert Riot at Tammy Hall in NYC

    We all know there’s usually two sides to every story. And that appears to be the case with a recent record release party for Pete Rock, Tek & Steele (of Smif N Wessun) who were celebrating the release of their collaborative album, ‘Monumental’ when a riot broke out. Yes, the video above does […]

Is Ecstasy Killing Concert Fans One Show At Time?

Last year we shared with you several stories about DJ Tiesto concerts. Some of those stories were about great and amazing conversions and others were about unfortunate and tragic stories of concert fans losing their lives at summer music festivals.

The Top 35 Most Addictive Live Music Stories of 2010

When I think of eager concert fans in 2010, I think of the photo above that Colleen took during a climaxing moment at the Wrecking Ball Punk Fest in Chicago. Those fans where some of the most relentless, hungry and addicted live music fans I saw all year long. And when I think of those […]

The Beautiful Things That Concert Fans Write On Bathroom Walls

Keep your eyes open. Look around, my friends. The live music experience is teaming with sacred and serendipitous moments lurking around every corner. And you never know what you’re going to stumble upon or find written on the bathroom walls at concert venues. It just might change your life. It did during our trip to […]