Live Fix Radio Episode 39: Bon Iver Tattoos, Crowd Surfing Coachella and A Sublime Shakedown At Lolla




On this episode of Live Fix Radio we’re continuing our exploration of Bon Iver and the power of the little things and chatting with fellow concert fan Isabel about how this picture of Justin Vernon’s “that was then” tattoo inspired Isabel to get her own tattoo. Isabel’s also tells us why she’ll never forget crowdsurfing during Bon Iver at Coachella and soaking in Cage The Elephant with her dad during a sublime downpour at Lollapalooza. Rock on and thanks for listening!

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Show Notes

News and other cool stuff we talked about:


Music featured during the show:

  • Bon Iver  –  “Holocene” and “Skinny Love” (iTunes)


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Sci-Fi Gangsta Rap Gigs: I Want To See Tupac Perform In Space






Yes, it’s amazing what our imaginations can dream up before technology can make it happen.

I say this because when I let my imagination run wild during my Adventures of Johnny Rawkwriter experiment I wrote about the first concert in space where the venue would allow you to re-experience or venture back to shows you didn’t experience via holograms that were so lifelike that you could feel, see, taste and hear everything,  as if it were right there in front you.

After watching the video of Tupac performing at Coachella as a hologram, I’m thinking that we’re closer to the first concert-in-space experience than we might realize.

That said, I’m going to re-visit my story and write a second chapter about a secret location on Earth where we were testing the technology before we headed in to space to unveil it.

However, that second chapter turns out, I know that I would add Tupac to the concert-in-space bill while considering a few things…

Besides the futuristic sci-fi possibilites, I also thought about the emotional elements that made this Tupac hologram so alluring and intriguing to explore.

Why Did Fans Love This?

We know what happens to our emotions during concerts and one of the biggest drivers to that emotionally-charged experience is nostalgia, awe and mystery. Three things that have been at the heart of this Tupac hologram story.

Fans who saw Tupac when he was alive likely got a big shot of nostalgia as memories of his live show and love for his music came rushing back. I imagine those fans wanted to re-experience those moments and this hologram gig allow them to do so, if only for five minutes.

And I’m surprised some fans didn’t rush the stage to try and give Tupac a welcome back hug.

Then there are the fans that never got the chance to see Tupac live and this Coachella gig was a chance for them to do so, even if it wasn’t really him, it was the next best thing.

What Was Snoop Dogg Feeling?

From the artist perspective, I watched the video wondering what it must of been like for Snoop Dogg to be on stage performing with the virtual Tupac.

Was he freaked out, happy, or excited? Probably a mix of both.

And I imagine he probably felt a mixed rush of grief and mourning rise up in him as he had the chance to perform again with a friend.

Tupac vs. Hatsume Miku vs. Biggie

The next thing I thought about was our recent exploration of the Japanese virtue artist Hatsume Miku who performed via satellite for the first time to American audiences.

It was amazing to explore how concert fans respond to a completely virtual artist. We figured Hatsume Miku wouldn’t be last time we’d see something like this, and after the Tupac gig, that’s pretty much been confirmed.

So will we eventually see Tupac perform live with Miku? Or as some fans commented on the YouTube video, will we see a holographic battle rap between Biggie and Tupac?

Who Would You Want To See?

Was the Tupac hologram more creepy or innovative?

Would you pay to see your favorite dead artist re-born as hologram live in concert?

What artist would you want to see perform as hologram?

How does this change the live concert experience? What does this reveal to us about what goes on in our minds and hearts during concerts?

During concerts, how much are our emotions driven by powerful subconscious associations to nostalgia, longing, happiness and grief?

Share your concert experiences and thoughts in the comments below, on Twitter @livefixmedia, on Facebook, Google Plus, or call the concert fan hotline at 773-609-4341, and we’ll include them in a future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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Play State Farm’s Mix & Match Game To Win Bonnaroo VIP Tickets


State Farm Facebook contest bonnaroo coachella


Continuing our exploration of concert fan contests for your live music enjoyment, here’s a quick note for those of you looking to win a VIP trip to Bonnaroo and possibly Lollaplooza or Bumpershoot.

This is a fun little contest, sponsored by State Farm Nation, that I found while scoping out the live Coachella stream on Youtube.

Play on State Farm’s Facebook page, It’s a game of classic mix & match for concert fans that’s fun to play, and if you successfully match them you get entered into the sweepstakes.



It’s pretty basic and they could’ve made it a bit more interesting and included more classic fan moments, concert emotions, or more unique characters like Dancing Guys to match up instead of the basic ones like a ferris wheel,  sun tan lotion and a weird lady with a straw hat.

That said, this is the first insurance company I’ve seen sponsor live music contest and it’s got me thinking about where State Farm would rank among our recent brand explorations.

I’ve played and entered. And we’d love to know if you win, or if you’re heading out to any summer music festivals this year and we’ll share your story on future episode of Live Fix Radio.

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Chew On This: 5 Gum, Your Senses and Coachella Live Webcast


Coachella 5 gum

As you know, we’ve been following the events leading up to Coachella these last couple of months and tonight the festival got underway in Indio, CA. And to continue our ongoing sensory experiments and explorations of brands doing interesting things to enhance the live and virtual concert experience, we’ve got some very chewy news for you about a special live Coachella webcast on YouTube sponsored by 5 Gum which invites fans to interact utilizing all your senses.

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Sasquatch Festival 2011: Sell Out Skepticism, Radiohead & The Dancing Guy and Your Mental Health


Sasquatch 2011

Following in Coachella’s footsteps, this week Sasquatch Festival announced that it has sold out too. I guess fans are excited to see Foo Fighters, The Flaming Lips, Wilco, Modest Mouse and the rest of the lineup live in The Gorge again. But we’re wondering…is there a sellout conspiracy going on? Is there a connection between Radiohead and The Dancing Guy? And what about the mental health of concert fans? Continue reading

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Fans, DJs & Artistic Recyclers: Win Your Way To Coachella 2011


Coachellla DJ mixer

We told you about the Coachella 2011 fake poster rumors getting squashed with Kayne West, Kings of Leon and The Strokes headliner announcement. And now here’s a mega post on the lowdown about all the fun contests going on this year, including a chance to win a trip to party in the desert and help contribute to the Coachella experience.
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Concert News Round-up: Jimmy Buffett, Linkin Park, Foursquare, Live Nation Lawsuit & Coachella Sellout


Coachella sells out in a week? A rapper threatens to shoot up a crowd? Linkin Park is using fans to test out new marketing channels? Parrot Heads go from ecstasy to horror in a matter of seconds? Foursquare expanding its concert experiments? A Live Nation lawsuit? Continue reading

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Coachella Announces Official 2011 Lineup To Silence Fake Poster Rumors


This week Coachella Music Festival announced their 2011 lineup feature some solid headliners Arcade Fire, Kanye West, Kings of Leon and many many many more bands.

Now, here’s a round up of some fake Coachella poster line up fun that we’ve enjoyed before and after the lineup announcement, plus some other festival news you’ll want to know if you’re heading out to Indio, CA this year.

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Changing The Way Concert Fans Connect: Interview with Big Live


Big live

Are online concert experiences changing the way we connect with each other during regular concerts? And what happens when you add social networking elements into the mix? Will the opportunity to share, chat about and discover live music together online with friends re-define both the online and real concert experience?
Continue reading

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Does Your Favorite Music Festival Have An iPhone App?


As the summer concert season begins to heat up, let’s see which festivals are offering iPhone apps and giving fans easy access to set lists, exclusive content and mobile alternatives to the crumpled paper schedule.
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Fans, DJs & Artistic Recyclers: Win Your Way To Coachella 2010


Coachella2010Summer seems so far away, but it’s that time of year when the summer music festivals announce their lineups and fans start to plan their escape.

Coachella’s boasting a pretty impressive line up this year. But it’s these two contests that will give fans the chance to win a trip to party in the desert and help contribute to the Coachella experience.
Continue reading

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It's Time to Plan Your Escape: Lollapalooza Announces Official Lineup




Lollapalooza officially announced its 2009  lineup yesterday.  And according to Billboard  here’s what festival founder Perry Farrell had to say about live music meeting our need to escape.

“At Lollapalooza, we’re selling more tickets than ever,” Farrell told Reuters. “People need an even bigger excuse to escape more than ever and there is no better escape than going to a festival and just tripping and taking in music.”

Farrell might be right from an emotional sense.

But with Coachella wrapping up this past weekend and considering this Billboard story from a few weeks back (for which Lolla promoters C3 Presents and Farrell declined comment), there’s still a lot to be said about the impact of the financial state of economy on the summer music festival season as Bonnaroo, Rothbury and other festivals wait to see if fan’s finances will determine their festival’s success.

I know I was excited to scan the Lollapalooza lineup today, which features several bands I’ve been waiting to see, and I’ve had a lot fun and done my fair share of  escaping at and reflecting on the last three (06, 07, 08)  Lollapalooza’s. But we’ll have to wait and see if Farrell is right, or if he’s just bubbling over with hopeful hype about his own festival.

What do you think?

Will our love for live music bend a knee to limited financial resources, or will our emotional need to escape become priceless and overide the reality of tight budgets and a struggling economy?

What are your plans for escaping to summer music festivals?

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Idolator Gets Personal: Coachella and Live Music Costs


I’ve never directly mentioned the effect of the recession on the live music industry on Live Exhaust before, but after I read this Idolator article about Coachella’s layaway ticket plan and the festival season ticket price pinch, I thought I had better see what your thoughts are.

The comments in the Idolator article weren’t a real surprise but whenever I see fans express themselves in such a downer mood, it still hits me really hard. What I love about blogs is the opportunity for free expression from fans, and in this case the fan expressions, though honest, are still hard to swallow.

So how are you guys doing?

Any festival plans so far?

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Better Than Disney World? The Kids Are All Write!


When I read this Press-Enterprise story by Vanessa Frank about 6 year old Eavan Gilhuly attending last year’s Coachella festival with her mom and then covering this year’s Coachella music festival for a print publication, I was excited to think about all the experimenting possibilities a story like this presents when looking for and testing out ways to get fresh perspectives on documenting the live music experience, especially the saturated summer music festival scene.

I’ve seen parents with their kids several times at festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella and I always do a little inner right-on fist pump, as a grin crawls across my face because I’m amazed at how cool it is to see parents introducing their kids to their favortie music in a live setting, making it just like a regular family event. I’m sure it has to cost a lot to bring the whole family to festivals like Lollapalooza or Coachella (though some festivals do admit kids under a certain age in for free) but can you really put a price on the experience a kid has at a live show? Not if you ask Eavan Gilhuly and have the opportunity to read her account of what it was like to be at Coachella for a family trip, instead of Disney World.

You can also ask Tom Gierasimczuk, editor of Up! Magazine, which will feature Gilhuly’s coverage, who said in Frank’s story, “When you see something through the eyes of the child it’s quite illuminating,” I completely agree and I think current music journalism could use a fresh perspective and younger-er competition to keep the current rock scribes honest and progressive. And in the current state of struggling print media, it also looks like print publications are doing experiments of their own, trying to loop in the youngsters to get their view and interpretation of live music and ultimately reach a new, younger audience.

So what does this mean for Live Exhaust?

Well, first off, it’s great to see the next crop of music journalists beginning to earn their rock-crit chops, and what I plan to do is see if there are other kids, like Gilhuly, who would like to contribute to a Live Exhaust experiment similar to Gilhuly’s adventure at Coachella but with some added twists and different direction.

This is where you can help. If you know a budding young journalist who loves music and would like to attend a rock concert and do a side by side review, drop me an email and we’ll see what we can work out and what the kid can do. I know I could learn a lot from watching a 6 year old like Eavan Gilhuly cover a rock show and it would be very interesting to see what our reviews of the same show would be like.

Join the Experiment and drop me an email or a comment!

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