Live Fix Radio Episode 41: Live Music Fashion On Stage and Beyond

  On this episode of Live Fix Radio we’re continuing our exploration of live music fashion and chatting with special guests Brittany Abeijon, editor in chief of The Facets Magazine, and JP Chookaszian, Urban Offering as we traverse through the exciting and controversial topic of what fans wear (and shouldn’t wear) when we go to concerts. Not only […]

lounge axe celebration

Concert Preview: Lounge Ax Reunion Celebration

  Continuing our exploration of live rock history in Chicago, here’s news via the Chicago Tribune about a retrospective party celebrating the Lounge Ax, one of the Windy City’s central hubs and greatest venues for indie-rock in 90’s. As Greg Kot reports: The co-owners of the club, Sue Miller Tweedy and Julia Adams, will host […]

grouplove live chicago metro

Grouplove and First Concert Experiences

  During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’re continuing our exploration of the wonders of our first concert experiences. Listen in as Matt, who won our Bears/Packers wager, shares how Grouplove filled his cup and left him tongue-tied during his first show at Metro. Subscribe via iTunes. Show Notes: Segment one: News and other cool […]

midnight conspiracy lincoln hall

Concert Review: Did You Feel What The Eye Saw?

  The exploration in to the community of groove and dance culture continued at Lincoln Hall Saturday night. In the wake of this sold out show, it’s obvious that Chicago DJ trio Midnight Conspiracy is aiming to innovate the live dance music experience as they stimulate the senses by blurring the lines between house, dubstep and performance art. […]

Concert Preview: K. Flay Can Rap Better Than Your Honor Roll Student

We like girls who can rap, especially those who are from Chicago and graduated from Stanford. That’s why tomorrow night we’re heading out to Subterranean to re-explore the live show of Chicago-native Katherine Flaherty (aka K.Flay). Colleen and I first discovered K. Flay’s cunning blend of hip hop, pop, rock and humorous rhymes back in […]