Live Fix Radio Episode 39: Bon Iver Tattoos, Crowd Surfing Coachella and A Sublime Shakedown At Lolla

  On this episode of Live Fix Radio we’re continuing our exploration of Bon Iver and the power of the little things and chatting with fellow concert fan Isabel about how this picture of Justin Vernon’s “that was then” tattoo inspired Isabel to get her own tattoo. Isabel’s also tells us why she’ll never forget […]

Bon Iver Chicago Theater

Bon Iver Fan Tries to Get Chicago Crowd to “Rock On!”

Continuing our exploratioin of Bon Iver and the Little Things, here’s a very entertaining and well-written review by Kate Dries of WBEZ of Bon Iver’s recent show in Chicago. I especially like Kate’s description of the frustrated fan: Standing after every song and cheering, while throwing up a “Rock On!” hand signal, this middle-aged man […]

Concert Review: Good Times With Gayngs At Metro

To answer my own question and complete for you yet another curiosity-filled Live Fix Experiment, I will tell you that, yes, Gayngs was just as good live as they are on their debut album Relayted, one of my favorite albums of 2010. But read on, because there was more to this show that just Gayngs […]

Rock and Roll Mama: ACL 2009 Recap

Hey, unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to visit Austin, TX for the ACL festival this year but thanks to Rock and Roll Mama Lindsay Reed Maines, being a vicarious live music fan was really easy for me. Maines enjoyed Bon Iver’s set, among others like Kings of Leon, and I wonder if she noticed some Little Things, too. That said, […]

Bon Iver’s Tattoo Reveals The Power of The Little Things

Having played baseball since I was old enough to hold a bat and toss a ball, there’s one thing that the game’s taught me about live music; it’s that noticing and appreciating the “little things” makes all the difference. And when you notice the hidden nuances about your surroundings during the show, you also begin to discover […]