Can You Really Blog Like A Rockstar?


Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp Kip Winger

It’s no accident that the “Rockstar” metaphor is one of the most cliche and ubiquitous metaphors in social media marketing, music writing and life in general.

But sometimes the rockstar metaphor works, and as a result, the myth of the rockstar can teach you a lot about stage presence and how to rock the main blogosphere stage like a Headlining Blogger.

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Weekly Wrap-up: Running A Hot Chocolate 5K Is Like Writing A Concert Review


Hot Chocolate Race 5k Chicago

Yesterday, Colleen and I ran in the Hot Chocolate 5k in downtown Chicago with 30,000 other crazy people in 30 degree weather.

Like most 5k races, it was a mixture of pleasure, competition, and self-determination.

Even better, it was just like writing a concert review or a blog post.

Read on to see how you, and this week’s top posts, helped me finish the race.

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The Real Story of Live Fix That I Haven’t Told You (Until Now)


Wolfgang's Vault - memorabilia

Usually I’m the one asking questions when it comes to live music culture, but this time Frank from Windy City Rock graciously flipped the script on me and asked some good questions about why I started Live Fix, how we mix social media with live music, and what the future looks like for concert fans. And I was surprised by what I had to say about our ambitiously pioneering live concert community.

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How To Start Your Own Live Music Blog Pt 3: Who’s in Your Community?


We’re in the homestretch my friends.

It’s been a great race that started with Lap One’s creativity tips to help you find your creative muse and develop your blogging muscles.

And continued with Lap Two as I shared the story of Live Fix and suggested blog publishing tools you can use to start your own blog.

Now, as we take our last lap and head for home, I’ll tell you why no blogger really blogs alone. And I’ll share a list of links and resources to help keep your blog running strong.
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Blogger Round Table: Are Mentors Just A Myth?


You might be reading this post and wondering ‘what the heck is going on here? I thought this was a Live Music blog?’ It is and will always be. But on this Live Fix post were going to take a very important detour.

And our very important detour begins when, a couple weeks ago, I had one of my best and most compelling Twitter moments that involves our friend Obi-Wan.
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Do You Know How To Pitch To Bloggers?


Orion pictures

Chris Brogan’s post this week about “how to reach out to bloggers” was so right on that I have to share it with you.

Much of what Brogan said is universal for all bloggers and it’s comprehensive. But I’d like to add to his thoughts and continue the conversation by providing a helpful more specific guide for pitching stories and building a better relationship with me and the Live Fix community.
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Wingin’ It at Blog World Expo 2009




It’s been a busy last two days, and now that I’m sort of caught up on my sleep, I’d like to share some quick notes on the first couple days at BlogWorld 2009. Some of what I’m going to share with you are new topics for Live Fix.  And though I’m not focusing directly on live music these next three days, what I’m going to share with you is all about how blogging, social media tools and communities can impact our live  music experiences.

I’m really excited to share this and now that I’m done with the intros and disclaimers, it’s time to get to the goods!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

My flight to Las Vegas was full of excitement. I was also a bit nervous about what my first BlogWorld experience would be like.

So I did what I usually do to cope with nervousness.  I turned to my creativity and whipped out my moleskin since I couldn’t use my Blackberry during the flight. 

I hope you enjoy my quickly sketched representation as I gazed out from my window seat and pondered what it would be like once I got to Las Vegas.  I was also listening to Saul Williams’s Grippo which was a first for me on a plane. I suggest you do it to if you ever have the chance. The song is perfect for plane rides and listening to Grippo gave me some extra creative boost that I needed for my sketching.

What happens at BlogWorld Expo shouldn’t stay at BlogWorld Expo 

If you’re new to Blog World, here’s a quick explaination as far as I’ve come to understand it during my first conference.

For me it’s been a mixture of reconfirming , connecting and building new ideas.

And for the most part, BlogWorld is designed for two audiences: bloggers/social media folk and brands/marketing managers.   Bloggers are here to connect and learn with other bloggers and brands are here to learn how they can connect with consumers in social media.  I fall into both categories since I’m a “music” blogger who also helps guide brands and clients in connecting with their audiences in the socialsphere.

I’ve learned a lot new ways to connect with live music fans . And many of the social media  live concert experiments  I’ve done have been affirmed as I hear the panelist and speakers talk about how to build communities. (Stay tuned for new experiments in future posts.)

Mommy bloggers, news ideas, new friends.

Who are mommy bloggers? If you’re new to mommy bloggers, they are a niche of bloggers who are moms ( and who don’t like that “mommy” title) who blogging about all their family experiences. Mommy bloggers have exploded in numbers and have also greatly increased their influence growing influence which has gained the attention of big brands  who have courted several top mommy bloggers to blog about their brand and products.

Minds of Moms Summit: Win-Win Value Exchange

Minds of Moms Summit: Value Exchange/Win-Win


At Blog World there is a Mind of Moms summit going on where top mommy bloggers are speaking on key topics such as the recent FTC  ruling, ethics and value-exchange.  I attended two sessions  yesterday because for a while now I’ve been inspired and fascinated by their community and blogging styles. I’ve been working on social media projects involving mommy bloggers over the last several months and I hope to have some of them share some of their favorite live music experiences, too.

The mommy blogger sessions have been some the most inspiring sessions at Blogworld because these ladies are fully aware of the power and influence they have, and many of them are doing som pretty amazing things with that power and influence.  Check out my tweet stream for some of my live tweets during these sessions. And visit TypeAmom, Rock and Roll Mama, Resourceful Mommy, Skepchick to see what else these ladies are up to. 

 Chris Brogan

On the plane I finished up read Trust Agents by Chris Brogan. It’s a great book to get learn how you can use social media to build trust and influence. It has a lot of helpful tips and profiles of others who are using social media tools to revolutionize their communities and business.

Brogan was the keynote speaker last night. And it was the first time I’ve heard him speak. And I have to say that I was very impressed and I’ll say it again: INSPIRED. 

His Keynote speech was an excellent mix of humor and practical kick-in-the-ass motivation for social media folk who he says “need to get passed the playing stage”and start using social media to impact real change in the world and communities they’re a part of. 

Brogan asked not to write a post about him. But as you can see I did anyway because his speech was right in line with what I hope and plan to do with our Live Fix community. 

The most inspiring story he shared was about  how Facebook is being used to stop gang wars and connect with inner city kids using regular updates.  Now, those kind of stories pump me up because they get right at the heart of how social media can change the world on a real-world and everyday level. 

Like I mentioned, I hope to take what Chris encouraged all the bloggers to and use the knowledge to do the same with our Live Fix community.  Please hold me accountable and send me feedback because I’d love to hear your ideas on how we can make Live Fix better.

One of the great things about being at BlogWorld is meeting other bloggers and social media folk.  It was great talking with and inviting them to the Live Fix community, too.  And hopefully we’ll hear about some of their favorite live concert experiences.

Touring the Strip

Lastly, I took my first tour of the Las Vegas Strip last night as I ventured to the Blogworld party at the Bellagio.

 As you know, Las Vegas teems with sensuality, sex and over stimulation. And naturally, I was amazed to see everything blinking, pulsing and surging around me. Everything I saw conjured up a  bunch of ideas about connections to live music, so I’ll be exploring those stimulating ideas on a future post.

Coming up…

Once I get back to Chicago later today I’ll share with you what I learned at the Technorati  State of the Blogosphere and Death and Rebirth of Journalism panels.

Just because you’re not here at Blogworld doesn’t me you can’t join in. 

I invite you to join in at I live tweet during sessions @chriscatania

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