Live Fix Radio Episode 37: Super Bowl Halftime History and Real Concert Crowd Sourcing

On this episode of Live Fix Radio we’re exploring the past, present and future of the Super Bowl halftime show and thinking about what sort of copy-catting Beyonce might be up to during this year’s show. We’ll also riff on Pepsi’s attempt at crowd-sourcing and compare that with examples of real concert crowd-sourcing. Rock on and thanks for […]

Is Beyonce An Inspired Fan, Or Is She Just Like Everyone Else?

  After her performance of “Run the World (Girls)” at the Billboard Music Awards last weekend, many fans are wondering: is Beyonce an unoriginal copycat? Or is she showing that she’s Lorella Cuccerini biggest fan? And we’re wondering if she’s really that much different from artists like Jack White and Johnny Cash. Well, according to […]