Surprise, The Grammys Are Worth Watching This Year!

Just when I was ready to write off the historically out-of-touch and one-step-behind awards show, the Grammys have pulled me back in. And we can thank social media, mobile and several timely musical nominations for making the usually irrelevant, retrogressive and disconnected TV event more interactive, relevant and interesting than it’s ever been for fans.

Concert Preview: Keys N Krates Unlocks The Art of Live Remixing

We’ve explored the role that DJs play in the community of groove and what gifted turntablists can do when they innovate in a live setting. Now, let’s dive deeper into our exploration to discover how Toronto-based remix trio, Keys N Krates creates new rhythmic palates and musical canvases via the real-time remix.

Arcade Fire, Cathedrals and Significant Settings for Popular Live Music

Indie-rock. Disco DJs. Raves. Traditional religious worship services. In the same venue and for a common purpose? “They are, in fact, descriptions of experiences which took place at popular music events under the powerful influence of highly amplified rhythmic music in combination with repetitive movement, unusual lighting and other consciences-altering factors…” This is an excerpt […]