Bon Jovi Lets Fans Pick Concert Set List Via YouTube

Continuing our series on virtual concert experiences, here’s news about Bon Jovi hosting the first ever live-streaming concert using YouTube’s new Moderator Tool, which will allow fans to help shape the set list for the band’s upcoming show.

Stuff Your Face (Before) Thanksgiving with Live Music News

  Are you a hungry live music fan? I hope so. Because I have 3 succulent and satifying live music news stories that’ll get you primed for the big feast later this week. You can start the face-stuffing early as I dish out a meaty live music meal that’s simmering with stories that made my mouth water over the last couple […]

Will ‘This Is It’ Be a Final Thriller for Jackson Fans?

Some say that with This Is It Michael Jackson will finally get the silver screen moment he always wanted. But will it be a concert film he would’ve wanted and one that fans deserve? It certainly won’t replace what his live concerts were like or what his final tour would’ve been like. But nonetheless this past weekend tickets for […]