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What Mike Todd’s Pre-Show Robbery Reminds Us About Artist Addiction

    We’ve wondered before about the impact of drug abuse and addiction on the live music experience. And with the recent news about Coheed and Cambria bassist Mike Todd robbing a Walgreens pharmacy before their show in Mass, I wanted to revisit some of those questions and explorations. And in doing so I also wanted […]

3 Ways To Improve The Lollapalooza Fan Experience

There are a lot of moments I will never forget about Lollapalooza 2010. As I told you earlier this week a lot of great performances lifted me off my feet and dropped my jaw. But on the flipside, there are a few things that could make Lollapalooza better for fans, bands and everyone in between. […]

Eminem Gives Detroit "One of His Best Concerts Ever"

  According to Billboard magazine, Eminem seems to be already benefiting from his new found sobriety. And his hometown fans are the first to feel the positive affects. During a free show in Detroit last week to promote his newly released Relapse album, Mr. Mathers had this to say about his recent recovery stint as he plans […]