Live Webinar: Talking with The CR About The Business Of Community Management at Walgreens

    When you’re building an enterprise social network at a large company and aiming to make your organization more social and collaborative, one of the most important things you should do is surround yourself with smart people who have done or are doing the same thing as you’re aiming to do. That’s why I’ve […]

Jack White Attempts Strange Metaphoric Concert Record

  Well, this is a fun continuation of our ongoing White Stripes experiment. Of course it’s only Jack White attempting a new world record as he voyages out in the wake of his new album Blunderbuss. Here’s the news according to a press release that I received and chuckled through as I read the details […]

We’re Doing Some Updates To Live Fix…

In case you’re wondering what’s going on with the site, we wanted to tell you that over the next couple of days we’re redesigning Live Fix, so you might see things a little out of sorts. We apologize for the blog dust and switching around, but we promise things will be improved and back to […]

Is Stagediving Really An Art?

This “failed stage dive” video has been circulating the web for the last few days and it brings up a very important topic: the art of stage diving. But I warn you… what we’re about to discuss is dangerous and extremely liberating.

Concert Preview: The Fiery Furnaces Return For Two In Chicago

Ever wonder what goes through a band’s mind while they’re playing on stage? Do they think about the crowd in front of them? Do past shows musically or psychologically impact future shows? Or is each show it’s own unique journey of new sounds, senses and experiences? For Brooklyn-based indie rock band The Fiery Furnaces it’s […]

What If Concert Fans Were LOST On A Desert Island?

Since I was out seeing Tim Fite last night, I just now got done watching the final episode of LOST. I’m not even going to try to tell you what I think about how the whole thing ended (or didn’t.) But I will tell you something else about LOST.

Slow Down And Celebrate With Gapers Block

This Friday May 21st, our friends at Gapers Block are celebrating their 7th anniversary with a party in Chicago at Metro. The show will bring together a mix of soul, pop and punk tunes from some of Chicago’s finest indie bands.