Mavis Staples’ Throne and The Funny Story Behind The Hideout Block Party Tour Rider

After we began our tour tour rider experiment last week, I’m excited to tell you I have some excellent evidence to share that we discovered at the Hideout Block Party on Sunday just before Mavis Staples’ set. As you can see by the picture above there was a large throne waiting for Mavis Staples. It […]

How Will Social Media Continue To Change Live Music?

We’ve done a lot of exploring and experimenting this year with social media and live music. And it’s no surprise that social media communities and platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and virtual concerts have all changed how we experience live music. But what do the experts and innovators have to say about current trends and […]

Can You Really Blog Like A Rockstar?

It’s no accident that the “Rockstar” metaphor is one of the most cliche and ubiquitous metaphors in social media marketing, music writing and life in general. But sometimes the rockstar metaphor works, and as a result, the myth of the rockstar can teach you a lot about stage presence and how to rock the main […]