Why It’s Important To Brand and Market Your ESN and Employee Communities

One of the most important things you can do to increase engagement and adoption of an enterprise social network (ESN) and employee community is to invest time and resources in branding and marketing it.  At Walgreens we’ve invested a lot of time into branding and marketing our ESN and social intranet experience and it’s been […]

Celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day with #CMAD Hangout

  As we continue our exploration of social media, community management and Google Plus Hangouts, here’s some great news about a fun live event happening Monday January 28. I’ll be teaming up with my fellow community managers and joining the festivities to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day. It should be a fun day as My […]

mc chris rapper

Social Media Isn’t A Distraction At Concerts

  Ah yes, it’s time once again to explore how social media continues to change the live music experience. This time Jack White and a rapper are the fodder for this installment of our exploration. First up is this story via the San Francisco weekly that initially reported that Jack White was posting signs at […]

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What Would You Pin? Ticket Stubs, Album Covers and Concert Art?

  Continuing our exploration of sites, apps, tools, other cool stuf for concert fans, we’ve been experimenting with the new social media bookmarking site Pinterest. It’s a great site and we’ve posted several boards for you to enjoy. Here’s our Pinterest Live Fix collection of boards. So far we’ve created boards for concert infographics, ticket stubs, […]