RSD 2012 rediscover records

Record Store Day 2012: Rediscovering The Zen Experience

  During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’re celebrating Record Store Day 2012 and exploring the connection between live music and our favorite record shops. Listen in to our chat with Rich Wagner of Rediscover Records as he explains the spirituality and zen of record shops, revisits the last Replacements gig in 1991, and tell […]

stagepage mobile app

StagePage And More Live Music Mobile Apps That Rock

        During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’re diving deeper into our exploration of the best mobile apps for concert fans. Listen in to our chat with Alex Miller as she shares the story behind StagePage, her mission to improve how we remember our concert experiences and why she will never forget […]

Exploring Our Love Affair With Live Music

We know you love live music. So, during this episode of Live Fix Radio, we invite you to cuddle up with that special someone (or your favorite live album) and join us as we explore the intimate details of our ongoing, and highly addictive, love affair with the live concert experience. Subscribe via iTunes. Show […]

He Was There: The Amazing Concert Adventures of Eric “Nihilist” Kolkey

You’re in for a special treat my friends. Because, during this episode of Live Fix Radio, we’ll journey through the amazing concert adventures of Eric “Nihilist” Kolkey. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we explore Kolkey’s pioneering days promoting and celebrating Chicago’s legendary punk scene, discover his sensual rituals at Vivian Girls shows […]

u2 360 tour infographic

U2’s 360 Tour: Awe, Grandeur and Unforgettable Fan Experiences

For our twentieth episode of Live Fix Radio, join us as we continue to explore the grandeur of U2’s record-breaking 360 tour. Discover unforgettable fan experiences, the story behind the Claw from Enerpac engineer Tom Eggert, and how U2’s new documentary From The Sky Below chronicles the creative evolution of the band’s live performance. Subscribe […]

Top Live Concert Tracks and Albums of 2011 Part Two

Is live music better experienced live or on record? Is the live album dead? Those are just two of the big philosophical questions that we’ve been wondering about more and more lately. So, hey, what better than to explore those questions by sharing some of our favorite (and not so favorite) live album releases of […]

How Live Music Helps Us Grieve, Mourn and Cope with Loss

Concerts are more than just an escape.  They are the emotional glue of our lives. Join us during this episode of Live Fix Radio, as we explore how our favorite live shows by Weezer, Blink-182, GWAR, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Ra Ra Riot and others help us grieve, mourn and cope with loss. Subscribe via […]

Halloween Special: The Fears of Live Music

Last year we made our way through Chicago’s haunted music venues. And this year it’s all treats and no tricks on this very thrilling and chilling episode of Live Fix Radio as we explore the fears that are lurking around (and within us) at our favorite concerts. Subscribe via iTunes. Show Notes: Music from the podcast […]

Why Do These Kids Rock, Jam and Amaze Us So Much?

During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we explore the topic of teenage performers and how the live music experience impacts their creativity, inspiration and psychological development. We’re excited to dive into this topic and share with you the music of 14 year-old singer-songwriter Kate Diaz and soul-blues-jazz-hip hop octet Kids These Days. Ever since […]

Sugarland Fan Trauma, Gate Crashers, Best & Worst of Lollapalooza 2011

During this episode of Live Fix Radio, we explore how fans cope with the emotional trauma caused by the Sugarland stage collapse tragedy, the evolution of gate-crashing and the best and worst moments of Lollapalooza 2011. Subscribe via iTunes. Show Notes: Music from the podcast (all tracks live at Lollapalooza 2011 except Sugarland) Atmosphere – […]