umphrey's mcgee

Photo Essay: Umphrey’s McGee Live in Louisville and Crocheted Mustaches

Got some more excellent concert fan storytelling for ya via our friend Ben Slayter. This installment also continues our Umphrey’s Mcghee exploration. Ben originally shared this photo essay on Bands That Jam as he tells the story of what happened during a recent trip to see Umphrey’s McGee in Louisville and it gives me great pleasure to spread […]


Exploring Docufest, The Dead, Rothbury and Altered Concert Experiences

During this episode of Live Fix Radio, join us as we explore the creative adventures of fellow concert fan and photographer Ben Slayter.  Listen in to our chat with Ben as he shares the inspiration for the collaborative multi-media project Docufest, memories of Rothbury and Burning Man, and more insights about our ongoing “what makes fans want to […]

metallica riot in India

Why Did Fans Riot at Metallica Concert in India?

  Well, Metallica’s first ever gig in India didn’t happen and things got ugly in a hurry. As you can see in the videos above and below, when the show was postponed and oversold the fans decided to riot and tear up the stage at the F1 show last weekend resulting in a cancellation and […]