Happy Mother’s Day: Tupac and Kanye Celebrating Mom With Transcendent Rhymes

    Happy Mother’s Day!  One of my favorite songs about a son expressing his love and appreciation for his mom is Tupac’s “Dear Mama.” I can’t say that I relate completely with all the lyrics, but the universal emotional sentiment that Tupac expresses is spot on. And that’s what makes the song transcendent and eternally awesome. […]

The Switch: A Concert Live Stream That Matches Your Mood

          Tomorrow we’re excited to have the chance to continue several Live Fix explorations as we tune into “The Switch,” which according to the press info, is a YouTube musical live streaming experience where you can choose between two musical acts based on your mood at the time – energizing or […]

Sci-Fi Gangsta Rap Gigs: I Want To See Tupac Perform In Space

        Yes, it’s amazing what our imaginations can dream up before technology can make it happen. I say this because when I let my imagination run wild during my Adventures of Johnny Rawkwriter experiment I wrote about the first concert in space where the venue would allow you to re-experience or venture […]

Are These Kids Superstitious About Live Music and Life?

  It’s Friday the 13th and we know all about the strange and superstitious fears of live music. But what about the development of our fears? I ask this because I’ve noticed that many fears and superstitions  we have when we’re younger no longer have the same power over us as they once did. And, […]

Why Do We Act Like This At Concerts?

    Got a fun video for ya. Besides being highly entertaining, I love this video because it takes us deeper into our Looky-Loo and other emotional experiments to explore one of our favorite live concert behavioral topics. Kudos to Brandi for sharing her story and getting us to think more about how we do, or don’t, […]

Exploring Our Love Affair With Live Music

We know you love live music. So, during this episode of Live Fix Radio, we invite you to cuddle up with that special someone (or your favorite live album) and join us as we explore the intimate details of our ongoing, and highly addictive, love affair with the live concert experience. Subscribe via iTunes. Show […]

van halen reunion tour tattoo

Is Van Halen Nervous About Their Renunion Tour?

Yes, even rock stars get nervous. And as Van Halen gets ready to rock once again, one band member got vulnerable with fans during a smaller, more intimate show at a historic venue. As Pollstar reports, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth and the band took the stage at the Cafe Wha? in New York […]

u2 360 tour infographic

U2’s 360 Tour: Awe, Grandeur and Unforgettable Fan Experiences

For our twentieth episode of Live Fix Radio, join us as we continue to explore the grandeur of U2’s record-breaking 360 tour. Discover unforgettable fan experiences, the story behind the Claw from Enerpac engineer Tom Eggert, and how U2’s new documentary From The Sky Below chronicles the creative evolution of the band’s live performance. Subscribe […]