Reflecting On 26.2

Have you ever wanted to do something you’ve never done before and really make it matter? And make it matter not just for you but for others too? Well, I did. I ran the Chicago Marathon for these three reasons. It was an amazing adventure that changed my life. It was so sweet on so […]

The Top 35 Most Addictive Live Music Stories of 2010

When I think of eager concert fans in 2010, I think of the photo above that Colleen took during a climaxing moment at the Wrecking Ball Punk Fest in Chicago. Those fans where some of the most relentless, hungry and addicted live music fans I saw all year long. And when I think of those […]

17 Questions Music Bloggers Should Ask Before Writing Your Next Post

Is Your Music Blog… pushing boundaries… helping people… changing minds… reflecting who you really are… starting new conversations… letting loose and having fun… putting the spotlight on others… asking the important questions… following a clear mission… taking risks… or does your music blog only feeding the hype machine… playing by the rules… flailing and wandering… […]

3 Ways To Improve The Lollapalooza Fan Experience

There are a lot of moments I will never forget about Lollapalooza 2010. As I told you earlier this week a lot of great performances lifted me off my feet and dropped my jaw. But on the flipside, there are a few things that could make Lollapalooza better for fans, bands and everyone in between. […]