Weekly Wrap-up: Haunted Chicago Venues, Free Downloads, Hot Retro Soul Bands, Live Concert Art, Cut Chemist and Rhymefest…

Gayngs Relayted Metro Live Fix

Ever wonder what really goes on inside the minds of bands and your fellow fans? Ever wonder what everyone is saying to each other when the music is so loud that all you can see is the mouths moving but can’t make out the secret messages the artists on stage or fans next to your are sharing? I do too.  So why do we wonder?

Because I needed a fun way to introduce all the posts about free live concert downloads, spooky Halloween interviews about haunted Chicago music venues, hilarious chats about selling out, interviews with hot retro-soul bands from Chicago, and other great stuff that you missed this week.

I also created the photo above from a concert photo taking during a Gayngs concert in October at Metro, because we’ll be experimenting more with the minds and fans and bands on future Live Fix posts.

But until then…

Here’s all the stuff you missed this week:

That’s it for the weekly wrap-up!

And stay tuned for more exciting explorations and interviews coming up this week…

We’ll have news on Red-Bulls Rock The Route Tour, concert previews from our favorite bands, creative interviews with inspired fans, plus more free downloads and cool concert stuff from our sponsors.

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